Monthly Review from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife: October 2016

monthly review

October 2016

Maine’s Herons Reveal Their Wintering Grounds


Did you ever wonder where Maine’s great blue herons go in the winter?  You are about to find out!  This spring, biologists from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) tagged five adult great blue herons with GPS transmitters as part of an ongoing effort to better understand the state’s great blue heron population. The great blue heron tagged in Palmyra and named “Nokomis” just showed up in Haiti on October 20th,  and anyone can watch to see if she remains there for the winter and if she returns to Palmyra in the spring. The transmitters that the herons are wearing as a backpack represent the cutting edge of telemetry technology and transmit GPS locations via the cell phone network to an open source website (  By following a few simple instructions, anyone with a computer or smartphone can go online and view the birds’ movements on an interactive map on the internet or through a free App called Animal Tracker.  Users can also download all or portions of the data to view in Google Earth, Excel, or ArcGIS. READ MORE

IFW Fisheries Biologists Capture Salmon In Steep Bank Pool To Monitor Mooselook Fishery


The Rangeley Region is synonymous with salmon and brook trout. Names of rivers such as the Rapid, the Magalloway and the Kennebago are instantly recognizable, and they are a welcome destination for anglers. READ MORE

Meet Warden Chad Robertson and K9 Oakley


Warden Chad Robertson began his career with the Maine Warden Service in 2013 and currently patrols the Skowhegan district. One of the newest K9 team members, Warden Robertson joined in March 2016 and began working with his K9 partner Oakley.

K9 Oakley is a 2 year old chocolate labrador retriever with a strong drive and eagerness to learn his new job. Oakley is a very strong swimmer and enjoys time in the water both during training and on his days off. Warden Robertson and K9 Oakley are working hard to become certified in article search, tracking, hasty search, obedience and area search. READ MORE

Matt Scott Recognized For Service On Advisory Board


Former IFW Deputy Commissioner Matt Scott (center) stepped down from his position on the Maine Guide Advisory Board on October 6 after 14 years of service. He was recognized for his efforts by Deputy Commissioner Tim Peabody (left) and Commissioner Chandler Woodcock (right) and presented a plaque. 

Winners! 2016 Landowner Appreciation Day


Mentor a New Hunter. Pass on our Outdoor Heritage.


Deer hunting is one of the most popular forms of hunting in Maine. It's challenging and engaging, from field to table. A successful hunt takes time and practice. Having a mentor is important and will help even the novice hunter advance quickly. LEARN MORE