Mentor a New Hunter. Pass on our Outdoor Heritage.


Hunt and Harvest your own deer in Maine

Deer hunting is one of the most traditional forms of hunting in Maine. It's challenging and engaging, from field to table. A successful hunt takes time and practice. Having a mentor is important and will help even the novice hunter advance quickly. 

Mentor a Hunter: Take One, Make One


Share your passion for hunting with a friend or family member. It's easier than ever to introduce someone new to hunting in Maine. For mentors, sharing a passion is rewarding and will ensure that our hunting heritage carries on. This hunting season, consider encouraging a friend, neighbor or relative to join you on the hunt. 

Apprentice Hunting License

If you are interested in trying out hunting, and have never gone before, Maine's apprentice hunting license will allow you to ask friends or family to show you how rather than getting hunter ed certified and doing it alone. All you need to get started is an apprentice hunting license and a mentor who holds a valid Maine hunting license. LEARN MORE