NEW! Browntail Moth Mitigation Fund Now Accepting Applications

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Maine Forest Service

Browntail Moth Mitigation Fund:
Now accepting applications

Have you noticed a lot of browntail winter webs in your town this winter? Have you been itching from a browntail moth rash? You may live in an area with a high population of browntail moths. The Browntail Moth Mitigation Fund is a new funding opportunity available to your local government officials or nonprofit organizations to fund activities that will reduce browntail moth impacts in your community. 

Help yourself, your family, and your community by contacting your local government or nonprofit organizations in your town to let them know about this funding opportunity. The DACF is now accepting applications from government entities or nonprofit organizations in areas with significant browntail populations, which, if approved, will receive funding from the Browntail Moth Mitigation Assistance Grant Program. 


Mitigation Fund



The Browntail Moth Mitigation Fund was established to provide funding to government entities or nonprofit organizations with significant populations to assist with reducing impacts from browntail moths. Eligible activities are those that may help reduce the impacts of browntail moth: 

  • Physical controls such as removal and destruction of overwintering webs,
  • Pesticide treatments in accordance with the Maine Board of Pesticides Control Regulations,
  • Cultural controls such as taking actions to limit exposure, reduce habitat or attraction, and
  • Education that fosters continued community engagement in browntail moth population reduction and awareness beyond the immediate mitigation measures taken,
  • Or a combination of the above activities. 

Application for Funds*

Check out our finalized rules for more details. Only government entities or nonprofit organizations that plan to conduct mitigation in areas found on the significant browntail populations list are encouraged to apply; funding is not available to individuals. Areas outside of this list may be considered for funding at the request by an applicant if significant populations of browntail are confirmed.


*Only applications from government entities or nonprofit organizations will be considered.


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