National Invasive Species Awareness Week: Save Your Skin, Follow the 4 Rs to Knock Out Browntail Moth

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Maine Forest Service

National Invasive Species Awareness Week: Forest Pests

Browntail moth web; by April caterpillars may come out of webs to sun and explore. Remove webs now.


  1. Recognize webs during the winter season when they are easiest to see.
  2. Remove winter webs with hand snips or an extendable pole pruner before April. Destroy webs by soaking them in soapy water or burn them safely and legally.
  3. Recruit professional help to treat or remove webs you can’t reach in areas of high human use such as your dooryard.
  4. Reach Out and let your neighbors and town officials know if you find browntail caterpillars or webs in your neighborhood.

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