Hemp Licensing Update

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Hemp Program

DACF's Hemp Program Accepting Applications to Grow Hemp

DACF is now operating a USDA-approved hemp licensing program. DACF Hemp Program's website has the information and forms you need to apply for a license.

Please read the website and application instructions carefully. There are changes to the program, including a criminal background check and the definition of hemp (now Total or Max THC (dry weight) at or below 0.3%, NOT delta-9-THC only).

As a reminder, everyone growing hemp in the United States needs a license. DACF is the sole authority for a hemp license in Maine and our licensing program must comply with USDA’s hemp law. DACF does not regulate marijuana (high-THC Cannabis) and inquiries about marijuana laws and licensing must be directed to Maine’s Office of Cannabis Policy

If you have questions about hemp licensing, please contact me by email or phone.

Mary Yurlina
Hemp Program Manager