State Apiary Program 2021/2022 Beekeeper Survey

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Apiary Program

Fill Out the 2021/2022 Maine Beekeeper Survey!!

The annual Maine beekeeper survey of losses and management practices is now live and ready for your input! Gathering this type of data is important for seeing trends, recognizing when and how losses occur, and determining where to focus education/outreach activities in the future. A summary report of the survey will be presented at the Maine State Beekeepers annual meeting in October and available online. The survey can be found here:

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Remember to register your apiaries by June 15!

It is a requirement under the Title 7 MSRA, section 2701 to register your apiary with the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry (DACF). Registration is valid for a twelve-month period expiring in mid-June. If you previously registered your apiaries, you will receive a renewal form by mail in mid-May. If you have not previously registered your hives, forms can be downloaded from the DACF Apiary website.

Besides being the law, it is important for beekeepers to register their apiaries with the State of Maine for several reasons:

  • Disease Management: American Foulbrood is extremely long-lived and contagious.  It can rapidly spread from hive to hive. If a positive case is found in the state, all the surrounding registered beekeepers are notified. A notification alerts a beekeeper to be extra vigilant about checking their hives for signs of the disease and allows them to request an inspection by a trained inspector. If your apiary is not registered, you will not be contacted. 
  • Pesticide Applications: There are rare occasions when pesticides must be applied aerially to control mosquitoes or other public health pests. The Maine State plan for public health emergencies includes consideration for pollinators and contains language that directs the applicator to contact beekeepers in the area so they can take the proper precautions to protect hives. If you are not registered, you may not be contacted.
  • Inspections: If your hives are registered with the DACF you can request an inspection of your apiary by a trained apiary inspector.
  • Outreach and Education: Registered beekeepers who provide their email address will be included on important updates regarding pests/diseases and educational opportunities.

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