Licensed Foresters - September 22, 2021

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Maine Forest Service

Forest Online Resource Tool (FOResT) Updates

Since January 2021, over 600 Forest Operations Notifications (FONS) have been filed online through the Maine Forest Service’s Forest Online Resource Tool (FOResT)

Important Reminders and Features:

  • Landowners, Designated Agents, Foresters, and Loggers all need to create individual accounts in FOResT to participate in harvest notifications.
  • Significant Update: A Licensed Forester who identifies themselves as Designated Agent can now certify a FON without a Landowner’s signature in the following two situations:
    • I am a Licensed Forester in the regular employ of the Landowner and am authorized by the landowner to certify this FON on their behalf (Chapter 26, Section 3.A.1.). (The landowner must maintain with the Bureau a list of licensed foresters authorized to sign for the landowner.)
    • I am a Licensed Forester with a fiduciary responsibility to the landowner and am authorized by the landowner to certify this FON on their behalf (12§8883-B.2.J). (A “fiduciary responsibility” means that the Licensed Forester represents the landowner and the landowner’s interest. The Licensed Forester owes a duty of trust and full disclosure to the landowner with regard to the harvesting operation. This responsibility is governed both by legal principles and by Maine’s Forester Code of Ethics

Resources are available about using FOResT including:

Begin using FOResT

Acceptance of current paper FONS is ending

Since this has been in place for 8 months, beginning October 1, 2021 we will begin rejecting FONs submitted on the current paper FONs with the preprinted FON # and directing people to use FOResT.

In extenuating circumstances, an alternative method may be made available by contacting the Maine Forest Service office in Augusta at 207-287-2791, or by contacting your District Forester.