Maine Loggers - August 3, 2021

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Maine Forest Service

Mechanized Logging Operations Program Underway for Summer 2021

12-week certificate program in its fifth year

MILFORD - Classes are now underway for students in the Mechanized Logging Operations Program (MLOP), which began its fifth year of classes June 28 in the woods northeast of Old Town.

Students enrolled in the college program at Northern Maine Community College (NMCC) will spend weeks harvesting timber using sophisticated state-of-the-art machines like those they will encounter in the logging industry. The hands-on experience students gain operating equipment is something unavailable anywhere else in Maine and neighboring states.

“There is no better, more affordable, more efficient way to gain the experience and knowledge you need to begin a successful career as an equipment operator in the logging industry than this program,” Dana Doran, Executive Director of the Professional Logging Contractors of Maine (PLC), said. “The Mechanized Logging Operations Program achieves results and as demand for operators continues to grow it is vital to meeting that need.”

“This project is a great example of how collaboration and cooperation between business, industry and higher education can address workforce concerns,” stated Timothy Crowley, NMCC President.

Launched in 2017, the program was jointly developed by the PLC and NMCC, Eastern Maine Community College (EMCC), and Washington County Community College (WCCC) with generous support from Milton CAT/CAT Forest Products, Nortrax Inc./John Deere, and other industry partners. Students gain broad knowledge of the most common mechanical systems found in modern timber harvesting equipment, and an understanding of the variables of timber growth, tree species, and markets. It also includes a strong emphasis on safety. Graduation for the class will be held in September.

Anyone with an interest in future enrollment in the MLOP should contact Leah Buck at Northern Maine Community College at 207-768-2768. Information may be found online at

Maine Forest Service updates its Forestry Best Management Practices web resources

MFS BMP Webpage screen shot

The Maine Forest Service has updated its forestry best management practices (BMP) webpage.  This page has useful links to guidance documents, application forms, and videos including:

  • Best Management Practices for Forestry: Protecting Maine’s Water Quality field manual
  • stream crossing permitting chart
  • habitat management guidelines for vernal pools
  • harvest planning guidance
  • stream crossing permit applications
  • an informational video on the stream crossing application process

Also included are videos on BMP implementation courtesy of MFS partners SFI, The Forest Stewards Guild, and UMaine.

Visit Maine Forest Service Best Management Practices web page