Hemp Seedling Sales Survey

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Hemp Seedling/Clones Sales Survey

The Horticulture Program has had inquiries about businesses selling hemp seedlings/clones, but we do not have good data about who may be growing and selling these plants. If you are planning on selling hemp seedlings/clones in 2021, please fill out this short survey to help fill in our data gaps. Only fill in this survey if your growing and/or sales operation is located in Maine.

Hemp seedlings are defined as non-flowering plants that are under 12 inches tall. If you are selling hemp seedlings/clones you must have a License to Sell Nursery Stock. Find more information about nursery licensing.

When selling hemp seedlings/clones, please provide your customers with information about the hemp plants they are purchasing, including variety or cultivar name, and Certificate of  Analysis (COA) from your source of seeds or parent genetics that shows compliant THC levels.

If you plan on selling taller and/or more mature, flowering hemp plants you need to have a hemp license. Find more information about hemp licensing.