31 July 2020 MDVA News and Announcements

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Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs

News and Announcements  -  July 31, 2020


New Chairperson Appointed to Lead

Maryland Veterans Commission

Maryland Flag Waiving

On July 20, 2020 at the close of the Maryland Veterans Commission meeting, the new Chairperson appointed by Governor Hogan to lead the Commission was announced.  Chairman KT Tyler, served as the Commissioner representing the National Association of Black Veterans (NABVETS), before being appointed as the Chairman.


Former Maryland State Delegate Clarence "Tiger" Davis, announced the appointment of the incoming Chair to the Commission, at the request of MDVA Secretary George Owings.  Delegate Davis, previously served as the NABVETS Maryland State Commander, and in that role he recommended KT Tyler for his original appointment as Commissioner.  Both Delegate Davis and Secretary Owings commented that Chairman Tyler's youth and energy will be an asset to the Commission.

Chairman Tyler served in the United States Marine Corps from 1996 to 2003, and was stationed at multiple locations including, Camp Lejeune, Stewart Airbase in New York, Barstow, Callifonia and Okinawa, Japan.  He stated, "As the newly appointed Chair of the Maryland Veterans Commission, I am honored to serve.  I look forward to helping facilitate any concerns any veteran may have. This will be an exciting 5 year term. I plan to do my best."

KT Tyler photo

Chairman KT Tyler, Maryland Veterans Commission.

Chairman Tyler Photo

In this photo from left to right: MDVA Secretary George Owings, incoming Maryland Veterans Commission Chairman KT Tyler, outgoing Chairman Fred Shinbur and former Maryland State Delegate Clarence "Tiger" Davis

Fred Shinbur photo

MDVA Secretary George Owings presents outgoing Chairman Fred Shinbur with a Proclamation from Governor Hogan.

Vice Chairman Thornton

Maryland Veterans Commission Vice Chairman Leroy Thornton on the right, presents a check to Secretary Owings.  Vice Chairman Thornton, who represents the Korean War Veterans Association (KVA) donated a $2,000 check from KVA Chapter 33 to benefit Charlotte Hall Veterans Home.

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State Partner News

Maryland Launches Innovation Uncovered Program

Maryland is all-in on supporting our entrepreneurs, and we're searching for best startup stories from every region in the state to identify and recognize those who are taking Maryland’s innovation ecosystem into the future. 

The Maryland Department of Commerce has launched “Innovation Uncovered,” a multifaceted program to highlight Maryland’s innovators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses in 2020. Through blog posts, videos, and social media promotion, Commerce will be celebrating the bold new ideas and cutting-edge research and technology that spring from our unique businesses, universities, and federal laboratories.

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Work Sharing - A Layoff Aversion and Reopening Unemployment Insurance Program


In 1984, the Maryland General Assembly enacted legislation establishing the Work Sharing Unemployment Insurance Program. Work Sharing is a voluntary program that provides an alternative to layoffs for employers faced with a temporary, non-cyclical decline in business due to lower economic activity. The program is designed to avoid layoffs by preserving jobs for current employees and to assist businesses that have already undertaken layoffs to reopen and resume operations gradually. Employers who participate in Work Sharing can retain employees by temporarily reducing the hours of work, within a range of 20% to 50%, among employees within the affected unit(s). The employees with reduced work hours receive partial unemployment insurance benefits to supplement lost wages.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, Work Sharing can mitigate or prevent the adverse effects of the current economic crisis by keeping businesses connected to their employees, and ensuring employees continue to receive compensation. Work Sharing can also serve as a means of bringing most or all of a temporarily laid off workforce back to the job, even if social-distancing measures, a decline in business or other factors prevent operating at full staffing levels immediately.

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Federal Partner News

62% of Households Have Responded

Census Logo


It has never been easier to respond to the census on your own, whether online at 2020census.gov, over the phone, or by mail. 91,700,000 households in the country have responded so far!


How Does Your Community Rank? 

Use the map to track your state's progress. Use the rankings dashboard to see the top 10 states ranked by response rate.

See Rankings

Federal News

TRICARE Fees to Rise for Retirees, FedWeek Article

HealthWatch Summer Edition, VA Maryland Healthcare System

2020 Agent Orange VA Newsletter

Live Whole Health: Self-care episode #39 - Gratitude Practice

Live Whole Health: Self-care episode #40 - Mindful Body Scan

Live Whole Health: Self-care episode #41 - Breathing for Stress Relief

VA - Some Tips to Help You Sleep

The VA Debt Management Center has notified the Regional Offices that Veterans and debtors can now call to request their collections be suspended or their repayment plans extended until December 31, 2020

Debt Management Center: 1-800-827-0648


Community Partner News

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The Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs does not endorse the organizations sponsoring these events, and we do not endorse the views they express or the products/services they offer.  The views and opinions expressed in any referenced document do not necessarily state or reflect those of MDVA.  The information provided is intended for your general knowledge only, and serves solely as a MDVA community outreach effort.

Community News

Age Friendly Baltimore County Initiative - Veterans, you are invited to attend a virtual meeting


New Women Veterans Business Coalition


Women Veterans United Committee Inc. - Food Drive and Car Donation Program


Financial Relief and Discount Guide for Veterans with Disabilities


Free Veterans Launching Ventures Program


Tyler Stallings, MCVET Volunteer is awarded William Donald Schafer Award

Saratoga WarHorse

Program Overview

The Saratoga WarHorse program takes place during 3-day classes, offered several times each

month. The average class size is 5 participants. The program is available to veterans and service

members from all branches of the military, regardless of when or for how long they served. The

focus of this program is on helping participants get past the physiological symptoms of their Post-

Traumatic Stress. Saratoga WarHorse doesn’t provide traditional “therapy,” but does offer an

undoubtedly therapeutic experience. There is NO cost for veterans to attend the Saratoga

WarHorse program. We pay 100% of travel, lodging, meal, and program expenses.

We have several more classes scheduled this calendar year here at the Baltimore County

Agricultural Center, 1114 Shawan Rd. Cockeysville, MD 21030.

Those interested in attending a class may contact our Veteran Intake Coordinator, Janine

Jagodzinski, janine@saratogawarhorse.org 518-252-0285 or our local Outreach Manger, Jason

Marshall jason@saratogawarhorse.org 518-531-3219

Armed Forces and Racehorses Virtual Benefit     Saratoga WarHorse

Community Calendar

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August 27, 2020

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