Thinkport Newsletter: Maryland: A Journey in Learning

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August 2018 (Edition 1)


Discover Maryland's rich history and heritage from life in historic St. Mary's City and Chesapeake Bay habitats, to the captivating works of Edgar Allan Poe. 

Maryland, My Maryland

Maryland is steeped in history, from the Susquehannock Indians who lived in areas adjacent to the Susquehanna river to the early European settlers. MPT’s online inquiry kit teaches students about Maryland's important religious and social impact on the New World in the middle 1600s using a curated set of primary sources from the Library of Congress. Through this experience, students will gain important research and document analysis skills while learning about life in Maryland long ago. 

Maryland My

Teenagers in World War II: The Victory Corps

Due to its proximity to Washington, D.C., Maryland was home to the first three Victory Corps programs located in Howard and Montgomery Counties. As the war progressed, 126 of the 145 Maryland county high schools, and all Baltimore City high schools had established a Victory Corps student program. In MPT’s interactive inquiry kit, students explore primary sources from the Library of Congress to learn about the impact of the Victory Corps during World War II.  


St Marys

Past and Present: Historic St. Mary's City

MPT’s online digital series “The Dig” shines the light on engaging local topics including the important history of St. Mary’s City. Learn about Maryland from the home of its original seat of government, along with how life has changed there over the last several hundred years.

Solve the Mystery of the Three Lead Coffins

Now that we’ve sparked your interest surrounding historic St. Mary's City, there is more to learn and teach. Take your students on an interactive journey to unravel the mystery of three coffins found under the abandoned chapel in St. Mary's City in 1990.


Football and Literature: The Naming of a Team

When the Baltimore Ravens took on their name, they inherited a meaningful literary tradition along with it. Learn about the story and history of the team's name, and how it all came to be! This is a great lead in to explore and discuss some of Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous poems and writings with your students. 

> Access Poe's Writings


Maryland's Treasure: Examine the Chesapeake Bay

Plunge into a water-filled learning adventure to study the science of the Chesapeake Bay.  MPT's virtual learning experience brings out the explorer in every student through innovative virtual lab experiments, a tour of bay habitats, and knowledge-building interactive activities. 


Maryland Public Television: On Air and Online


Maryland Farm & Harvest

Maryland Public Television's local series puts a human face on farming, educates viewers about agriculture, and tells the stories of the industry that built this nation and continues to feed the world.


Chesapeake Collectibles

Chesapeake Collectibles looks at the treasures viewers may have tucked away in their attics or stored at their grandmothers' houses. It's an educational and fun half-hour that searches for some of the most fascinating antiques and treasures found across our Chesapeake region.

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