Thinkport Newsletter: Reading Across Subject Areas & Great American Read

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May 2018 (Edition)


Students entering college and the workforce will need strong reading, writing and communication skills to be successful. In this week's edition, we bring focus to the importance of reading across the curriculum and celebrate the launch of The Great American Read.

The Great American Read

Great Am Read

Premiere Launch: Airing on MPT/PBS
Tuesday, May 22, 2018 | 8:00 p.m. 8/7 C

Join Maryland Public Television on a quest to find America’s most beloved novel during THE GREAT AMERICAN READ, a television and online series about the books that inspire us. Based on 100 cherished novels audiences are encouraged to read books from the list, and cast a vote for their favorite. 

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Into the Books We Go!

Explore literary themes, plots, and revered characters with your students using a collection of educational activities aligned to select novels from The Great American Read. 

Classics on the list include everything from The Adventures of Mark Twain and Gone With the Wind, to Dickens' Great Expectations. 

Reading Across Subject Areas


The Role of African Americans in the Civil War

Great writers are not born great writers; they work hard to learn and excel at their craft. MPT's interactive social studies lesson helps students gain practice writing informative and explanatory texts while learning about the role of African Americans during the Civil War. (Grades  6-8)


The 1960s: A Decade of Human Rights Struggles

The struggle for human rights is a struggle that individuals and groups have fought over time and throughout modern history. MPT’s literacy module uses excerpts from civil and human rights speeches to help students analyze and evaluate an author’s use of reasoning.  (Grades 9-10)


Translating Qualitative & Quantitative Details - A New Galaxy

To be an effective reader in science, students should be able to understand and translate between quantitative information, qualitative information and visual representations. In MPT's science literacy activity, students will learn how to do all three by examining topics in Astronomy. (Grades 9-10)


Literacy in Early Childhood

Strong reading skills build the foundation for success in school. Thinkport's collection of interactive games, videos, and activities will help children and students get the right start. 

Explore our collection of PreK-12 activities for educators and students on