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June 13, 2017

Summer Learning

Design a virtual park


Math by Design
Students take on the role of junior architects in a virtual experience and apply geometry and measurement skills to create a town park and environmental center. Math by Design encourages problem solving and critical thinking as students work through interactive tasks such as placing a pond in a park, adding obstacles to a fitness course, and sprucing up a basketball court. Includes: educator supports, standards, lessons, activities, and tips.  

Create a cause driven T-shirt


T-Shirts for a Cause
Using the engineering design process, students develop and market an environmentally-friendly T-shirt along with a message related to the human impact on the environment. Along the way, students conduct research and analyze environmental issues associated with manufacturing products, then apply math concepts to conduct cost analysis, analyze market trends, and develop a T-shirt to scale.

Solve real-world problems


Design Squad Global
Keep kids connected to learning this summer with Design Squad Global. Filled with weekly challenges, videos, and activities, this PBS KIDS website empowers middle schoolers to solve real-world problems and understand the impact of engineering in a global context.

Make a frozen treat, using math concepts 


 Fizzy’s Lunch Lab: Summer Treatwave

What could be better than a fresh frozen treat in the summertime? In this out-of-school time learning adventure, children investigate a variety of math topics as they learn how to make a healthy frozen snack. Using a blend of PBS KIDS online games, videos and hands-on activities, children gain practice with sorting and classifying, identifying coins, simple addition and subtraction, spatial sense, and measurement.

Watch online, anywhere, anytime 


Carve out some “me” time and catch your favorite MPT and PBS programs online. Just sit back and relax, and leave the entertainment to us.

 MPT Programs 
> Access: MPT Specials, Artworks, Direct Connection, Chesapeake Collectible and more.

PBS Programs
> Access: Frontline, NOVA, the Great British Baking Show, PBS NewsHour, Indie Films and more.

MPT Highlights: Programs and Videos

Maryland Native Plants (video)

Any avid gardener knows what flora they enjoy, but how many pay attention to whether the plants they work with are native? Learn why it matters from Karyn Molines, co-founder of the Maryland Native Plant Society.


Audubon: Documentary Film
Wednesday, June 14 | 8:00 pm on MPT

Explore the extraordinary life of John James Audubon, a self-taught painter and ornithologist. This documentary brings to life Audubon's timeless paintings with stunning footage of the living birds he immortalized - and celebrates visually the natural world he described so eloquently in his writings. 

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