Thinkport Newsletter: Chesapeake Bay Week & the Environment

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April 18, 2017 Edition

Bay Week Thinkport

April learning springs to life with a special focus on the environment, Earth Day and the Chesapeake Bay.


Chesapeake Bay Week

Airing on MPT, April 23-29

Join Maryland Public Television for our weeklong annual celebration and exploration of the Chesapeake Bay.

>  Tune into Chesapeake Bay Week programs.

>  Hear from a panel of world-renowned experts during MPT's Chesapeake Bay Summit moderated by Frank Sesno. 

Educational Resources

Look no further than Thinkport to support learning and instruction around the Chesapeake Bay. Educators and parents can take this unique opportunity to teach youth about the science of the bay with interactive activities, lessons and media.


The Chesapeake Bay comes to life in your classroom with MPT's media-rich learning adventure, Bayville. You can bring out the explorer in every student through virtual lab experiments, a tour of bay habitats, online games, and interactive activities.
(Grades 6-9)


Saving Smith Island
Maryland’s quaint Smith Island is facing environmental issues and the future of the island is in question. In MPT’s science-literacy activity, students critique data, watch videos and conduct research to uncover factors that weigh heavily on the island’s fate. The activity culminates in a written project. (Grades 6-8)


Where Has All the SAV Gone?
Bay grasses have plummeted in the Chesapeake Bay, a factor that affects the health of these treasured waters. In MPT’s interactive literacy module, students gather information, conduct research and examine data as they prepare to write an informative report about submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV). (Grades 9-12)

Earth Day and Climate Education Resources

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 and help students understand the significance of this special day dedicated to improving our environment.


Lessons, Projects and Activities
Explore new ways to live responsibly with curricular activities and games for students in grades K-5.


Climate Education Week  April 24-28
Climate Literacy is the theme for this year’s Climate Education Week. Engage students in local environmental issues with a comprehensive toolkit packed with K-12 curricula, lesson plans, educational activities and films. The kit includes educator resources and a parents guide.

Family Activities

Children are curious, creative and love to have fun. As Earth Day approaches, use the following hands-on activities to support learning and pay homage to the environment. 


Earth Day Crafts
Kick off Earth Day festivities with DIY arts and crafts projects such as making watering cans, creating houses for bugs, and crafting picnic bags. 


Simple Ways to Protect the Earth
Encourage children to respect our planet and to accept roles in protecting the earth. Get a great start with activities, tips and games from PBS Parents.

Special Events

Eatin' Oysters: Chesapeake Style! April 21, 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Join Maryland Public Television for a Friday Freeview film screening in Owings Mills, MD. Come see why the Chesapeake Oyster is king in Maryland.  > Learn more
* A bonus screening of "Keeping The Potomac" has just been added!

March for Science: April 22, Washington, DC and Nationwide

Get involved and March for Science on Earth Day! The event shows the critical role science plays in our lives. 

* Satellite marches are happening across the country. Search for a march in your area/state.