Thinkport Bulletin: Celebrate Spring Learning

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March 30, 2017 Edition

Spring Learn

April is a time for renewal with fresh education themes blossoming all around us. This week we turn our focus on April celebrations including National Poetry Month, Math Awareness Month, and Month of the Young Child.

National Poetry Month


A Strategy for Close Reading of Literature
Emily Dickinson’s poems are the platform for practicing close reading with your students. In MPT’s student module, learners work through a series of online activities to increase their understanding of challenging and complex texts.  After reading and analyzing Dickinson’s "Tell all the truth but tell it slant” and " 'Hope' is the thing with feathers," students apply strategies learned to analyze a passage from Charles Dickens' novel, A Tale of Two Cities. (High school grades)


Getting to Know Edgar Allan Poe
Explore the life, literature and times of Edgar Allan Poe with your students using MPT's interactive literacy adventure "Knowing Poe." Examine Poe’s famous works and writing techniques, and investigate the "hard facts" surrounding his life and death in Baltimore. (Middle school grades)

Mathematics Awareness Month

Math Core

Math at the Core
In one convenient place, Math at the Core provides educators with a group of interactive activities, lessons and videos to help students deepen their math practice.

Demonstrating how math is applicable to everyday life, videos and interactive activities focus on real-world scenarios and help students prepare for high school classes. (Middle school grades)

> Looking for math activities for elementary school? Set your sights on MathLanding.

Month of the Young Child

ECE Thinkport

Early Childhood Education
In April we recognize that the early childhood years lay the foundation for children’s success in school and later in life. Parents and child care providers can find a wealth of early education activities on Thinkport to inspire and enhance early learning. Our collection of PBS KIDS interactives cover skills in math, science, STEM, literacy, and social and emotional development. 


Out-of-School Time Adventures
Learning happens everywhere, it doesn’t stop at school. Our afterschool and summer adventures help children practice early math and literacy skills using media and content from PBS KIDS programs.

Professional Development

The New Art and Science of Teaching (Webinar)
Thursday, April 13, 3:00 p.m. EST
Robert J. Marzano discusses a shift from a teacher-behavior perspective to a student-outcomes perspective while addressing a wide range of instructional strategies.

Top Strategies for Transforming Professional Development
How can eduators avoid professional development that is “one size fits all?”  PBS LearningMedia explores the digital age tools and platforms that can help you share strategies with your colleagues to establish a professional community of peers.

Programs and Events

Light City

Light City Baltimore
March 31-April 8, 2017
See the city transform into a world class light display! A spectacular event is coming to Baltimore City bringing with it stunning sculptures, interactive technologies, and a festival of entertaining activities.

City of Trees

America Reframed: City of Trees
Airing on MPT: Saturday, April 1, 9:00 pm
Washington Parks & People received a $2.7 million stimulus grant to put long-term unemployed residents back to work through a new green job training program. MPT airs this deeply personal story about the fight for good jobs and safe parks in our nation's capital. 


The Crowd & The Cloud 
Airing on MPT2: Thursday, April 6, 8:00 pm
By observing their environments, neighborhoods, and collecting information about the world, so-called “citizen scientists” are helping professional scientists to advance knowledge while speeding up new discoveries and innovations.