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August 24, 2016

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Introduce your students and children to brave crusaders that made a mark in history, and invaders that used force to conquer other regions. Subjects/skills: social studies, history, literacy, writing, research, facts and opinions, working with primary and secondary sources. 


image women in history

Women Crusaders for Rights
The 20th century brought progress and advances for many people throughout the world. In this social studies-literacy lesson, students read speeches written and delivered by important women in history in order to separate fact from opinion. Learners will also consider how the backgrounds and experiences of the women may have influenced their opinions. 

Self-paced module for grades 6-7 

image lowell mill girls

Lowell Mill Girls
Between 1830 and 1860, women were key to the labor force in the manufacturing industry. In this social studies- literacy lesson, students read primary and secondary sources about the Lowell Mill Girls to distinguish fact, opinion and reasoned judgement. 

Self-paced module for grades 6-8

image arthur pbs kids

Little Crusade
Become a crusader for our environment! Help your kids understand what littering means and why it is important not to litter, organize a clean-up around the house or yard, and create a fun crafts activity using recycled materials. (Ages 3-5)


america goes to war

America Goes to War
Bring history to your classroom with excerpts from four presidential speeches. In this history-themed literacy lesson, students determine the central idea and cite text evidence using speeches during World War II. 

Self-paced module for grades 9-10

image war 1812

War of 1812
Give your students a Star-Spangled experience with Thinkport’s War of 1812 resource-packed portal filled with lessons, interactive learning experiences, and multimedia. Explore everything from the war in pictures and a narrated summary of historical events, to the Star-Spangled Banner and Fort McHenry. 

K-12 resources

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