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July 6, 2016

Summer Learning is Bursting Wide Open

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July is bursting with fun monthly themes, from Amusement Park and Ice Cream Month, to Video Games Day. It's easy to weave learning into everyday activities and in this week's newsletter we show you how. 


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Ice Cream Month Activities

Summer Treatwave: PBS KIDS Summer Adventures
What could be better than a fresh frozen treat in the summertime? In this multimedia learning adventure, children practice sorting, measurement and classification skills as they learn how to make a healthy frozen snack. The 5-day activity can be implemented in 20 minutes each day. Ages 6-8. 

Design an Ice Cream Holder
Don't like messy, drippy ice cream cones? Spark curiosity in your children and students and work together to design a device that catches melted ice cream. 


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Amusement Park Math Activities

Visit a virtual amusement park full of adventurous activities designed to introduce students to math and engineering concepts. Students boost knowledge working through tasks including measuring a roller coaster, balancing on a seesaw, and charging electric cars. Grades: middle school. 

Roller Coaster Physics: STEM in Action

Show your students how exciting STEM can be as they design a mini-roller coaster that is both fun and safe. Using the engineering design process, students learn about kinetic energy, laws of motion, and physics. Grades 5-8. 


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Celebrate Video Games Day, July 8

Career Skills and Game Development 
Are your children or students interested in taking their love of games to a new level? Career opportunities in the simulation and game development field are increasing much faster than in many other occupations. Visit PBS LearningMedia for a valuable video, activities and a discussion around what students need to learn to prepare for careers in this cutting-edge field. Grades: high school.


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Visit for free PreK-12 activities, multimedia and online courses.