Thinkport Newsletter: Virtual Summer Activities, June 1-7, 2016

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Publication Date: June 1-7, 2016

See what's happening in education at MPT.  This week's newsletter offers up some innovative ways to engage children, youth and students in online learning.

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Boost Brainpower, Virtually!

Image Fort Game

War of 1812 Interactives

Encourage children and students to learn about the significance of the war that inspired the Star-Spangled Banner. Explore an interactive map and slideshow, play a game of survival and strategy, and cast your vote for or against declaring war on Great Britain.  

image Smithsonian

Tour the Smithsonian 
See what's happening at the Smithsonian without leaving the house. Hop online and take a virtual tour of exhilarating and engaging exhibits and turn it into a fantastic summer learning journey. 

Image Africa

Virtual Field Trip to Africa
Experience a virtual field trip to Africa with your children or students as they learn how locals are working together to restore forestlands, protect wildlife, and promote ecotourism. The activity includes educator resources and standards alignment. 

Image weather station

Weather Station Visit 
Teach your children about the weather with a video trip to the National Weather Service. In this clip, children learn about weather-related equipment, predictions, data, forecasting, winds and hurricanes from staff members at the center.