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                                                                                                                         April 6, 2016

Spring Sports Learning Resources

As students suit up to play spring sports, use these timely and sporty learning resources that span subjects and grade levels.

PreK-3: Literacy and Motor Skills Activities

Bear's Skateboard Park

Bear's Skateboard Park

Coast along with PBS KIDS character Bear and help her spell words using her skateboard.

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Mini Golf Battleground - WordGirl

Mini Golf Battleground

In this literacy lesson, Becky really wants to win the mini golf tournament, but is having trouble beating Eileen, the cheater.

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Gymnastics Field Trip

Gymnastics Field Trip

Join Penny and the KidVision VPK Kids at Miami Gymnastics Academy!  They stretch, run and jump on the tumble track, act like animals on the balance beam, lift their bodies on the bars, and learn rhythmic gymnastics. This field trip wins a gold medal!

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Grades 1-12: Math, History and Dance Lessons

Real-Life Math: Baseball

Watch as the Arizona Diamondback's assistant general manager Billy Ryan explains how he uses math in baseball.

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Real-Life Math: Baseball

Salsa Dancing

Dancer Katherine Kramer teaches the quick-quick slow pattern of salsa dance and relates it to the clave rhythm pattern in this video from the Dance Arts Toolkit series.

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Salsa dancing

History Through Cricket

Sport is one of the best ways to get to know a culture. In India and Pakistan, cricket is very popular. Share this world history lesson with your students and learn about cricket, the world's second most popular sport.

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History Through Cricket

The Soccer Field

Use a soccer field to show students how to graph solutions to inequalities by exploring the dimensions of a soccer field.

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Finding Soccer in Math

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