State's Attorney’s Office's Statement Regarding ‘Double Dipping’ Charges Against PGPD District III SAT Officers

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For Immediate Release:
January 23, 2023

For more information, contact:
Denise Roberts
Communication Director
Office of the State’s Attorney, Prince George’s County
240-832-4970 cell or 301-952-2848 office

State's Attorney’s Office's Statement Regarding ‘Double Dipping’ Charges Against PGPD District III SAT Officers

UPPER MARLBORO, MD – The Prince George’s County State’s Attorney's Public Integrity Unit released the following statement regarding the determination that the charges concerning double dipping schemes against officers from the District Three SAT division should be handled internally by the Prince George’s County Police Department:

"The investigation that was brought to us by the Prince George’s County Police Department concerning a double dipping scheme involving members of the District III SAT Team was based largely on two sets of time keeping payroll records. The criminal charges were based upon the evidence we had at the time of the indictment. Since that time new information has come to light. The information has come from multiple sources, including new witness statements, more detailed records, and witness impeachment materials offered by the Defense.

“A prosecutor’s role in a criminal prosecution is not to win a case, but to seek justice. We are servants of the law, and the law requires that we fairly and impartially carry out our duty. We do not blindly prosecute cases once an indictment has been filed, rather we continuously evaluate the evidence to ensure that our office is operating with the highest integrity. When new evidence comes to our attention, we have a duty to unflinchingly investigate and reevaluate.

“That is what we have done here. After the indictment in these cases, we were approached by Defense counsel who raised issues not previously uncovered in the initial investigation. Working with our law enforcement partners at the Prince George’s Police Department, we obtained new evidence, and after a thorough review of that information we have determined that these cases would best be resolved administratively.

“Our office, along with the Prince George’s County Police Department, works tirelessly to ensure the highest level of prosecution in all our cases. Sometimes that means that the right action – the just action – is to not prosecute. Here, these officers will be held accountable for their actions, and that will be handled internally through the police accountability process. Our office will continue to assist the Department in any way that they need.”

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