Building Blocks, November–December 2021

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November–December 2021

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Business Spotlight

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A sampling of the organic gardening kits sold by Hortiki Plants, including fun kits for children.

Hortiki Plants

The Business Development Section (BDS) recently assisted Hortiki Plants to secure its Use and Occupancy Permit. Hortiki Plants provides eco-friendly gardening kits and educational workshops to support beginning and small-space gardeners. Dr. Victoria LeBeaux, founder of Hortiki Plants, said she created the business to make it easy for anyone to successfully grow their own food in a sustainable way -- wherever they are. Hortiki Plants’ gardening kits have been featured online by numerous publications and media outlets. Hortiki Plants is a fast-growing minority and woman-owned small business. To learn more, visit the Hortiki Plants website.


The Inside Scoop

Joanna Glascoe (left) of M-NCPPC and Tezera Lemma, P.E., Building Plan Review Division’s Structural Section, review plans simultaneously.

DPIE and M–NCPPC Collaborate to Issue Permits

DPIE and the Maryland–National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M–NCPPC) regularly work collaboratively on the issuance of permits. Although M–NCPPC specializes in the development and maintenance of park and recreational facilities, it is also responsible for planning the physical growth of Prince George’s County. M–NCPPC conducts small area studies, creates sector plans and master plans, and incorporates other planning initiatives that shape the County’s development. M–NCPPC also oversees conformity with the zoning ordinance. Zoning controls the physical improvements of land through land-use mandates of individual properties.

M–NCPPC ensures compliance through the permitting process. Several M–NCPPC staff members are co-located in the DPIE headquarters building on Peppercorn Place. When an applicant submits a permit application and plans to DPIE, the M–NCPPC Planning Department team at DPIE reviews the documents to determine whether they conform to the standards of the zoning ordinance and any other regulation plans that govern the subject property. If the application conforms with the zoning and planning regulations, the applicant will be approved to seek permits. Concurrently, DPIE conducts the plan review processes related to permit issuance.

For more information about DPIE, visit DPIE's website, and for more details on the M–NCPPC Planning Department, please visit the M–NCPPC website.


Helpful Hints

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Inspector conducting an inspection

Preparing for Your Inspection

On the day of the inspection, ensure that your permits and plans are readily accessible to the inspector. Work performed must be in accordance with the approved plans and any modifications from the approved plans will require a plan revision. If you are not prepared for the inspection, please call 301-755-9000 to reschedule.

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Checking Your Permit Application Status

Applicants may check the status
of reviews by accessing Project
Reports in ePlan. Click “ProjectFlow – Changemarks” to review changemark details and “ProjectFlow Parallel Review Department Review Status
to check additional information.
To review the sequential route for all tasks, applicants should review the “ProjectFlow Parallel Review Workflow Routing Slip” report.

ProjectDox screenshot of list of Project Flow reports
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What's Happening?

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Business Development Section

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Over the last year, the BDS has conducted several webinars and prepared PowerPoint presentations for the business community on a variety of DPIE processes. These include Building and Use and Occupancy Permits, Inspections, Special Events and Business Licensing, and more. Customers may access the BDS presentations here.


Funding Opportunities

BGE that's smart energy, Alice, and Global Entrepreneurship logos – companies collaborate to offer small business grants

BGE Energizing Small Business Grant

BGE, in partnership with Hello Alice and Global Entrepreneurship Network, has pledged $15 million for Maryland small businesses to assist with COVID-19 relief and recovery. Eligible businesses must be in BGE’s service area in order to apply for the $20,000 grant. For more information, visit bgehelloalice.

Maryland Financial Incentives for Businesses

A variety of financial programs are available from the State, including grants, loans and other funds for job creation, agriculture, small businesses and veteran-owned businesses. For more information, visit the Maryland Financial Incentives for Business website.

Maryland Financial Incentives for Business
Economic Development Incentive (EDI) Fund, words on green background

Economic Development Incentive (EDI) Fund

The Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) sponsors an Economic Development Incentive (EDI) Fund for expansion of the County’s commercial tax base, job retention and attraction, support for small and local businesses, promotion of development and redevelopment opportunities, as well as transit-oriented development. For more information, visit the Economic Development Corporation website.

PFC Black Chamber Open Door Fund

The People for Change Coalition (PFC) Black Chamber has announced the COVID-19 Open-Door Fund, which provides grants to small businesses in Prince George’s County.  The fund provides between $1,000 to $3,000 on a rolling basis to businesses that have been established since 2019.  Click the Open Door Fund link for details.

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Business Community News

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