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November 5, 2019

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Short-Term Rental Licenses Are Now Mandatory


As of October 1, 2019, Short-Term Rental Licenses are required in Prince Georges County. 

Under the County’s Short-Term Rentals Program, Prince George’s County homeowners whose properties comply with County Code and who meet certain other criteria may seek a Short-Term Rental License to host renters working through established online sites (platforms). 

For more information and step-by-step instructions on how to fill out the Short-Term Rental License application, please visit our Short-Term Rentals page.  The online application allows homeowners wishing to serve as hosts to apply, pay, and receive the Short-Term Rental License online.

Plan Review Enhancements Coming Soon

Plan Review

We'll be enhancing our plan review process over the next several weeks to increase efficiency and improve the service we provide you.



The new enhancements will include:

  • Multi-format view with plan markups
  • Increased task assignment and notification
  • Improved resubmission handling
  • Revision comparisons

ePlan Training

Eplan Training

DPIE offers free monthly customer training to demonstrate how to complete online applications and upload plans for review in our ePlan system.

Seating is limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Anyone wishing to attend training in November must sign up no later than November 14, 2019 by clicking the activities link.  You may also send an email and copy ALL three of the following contacts:

You also may call (301) 636-2020 to register.

If you are unable to attend the training, please notify one of the above contacts via email or call the phone number no later than the third Tuesday of the month to be rescheduled.

Please note:  If there are less than five people signed up for a training, the class will be cancelled.  Anyone signed up to attend will be notified and moved to the following month's class.

All customers scheduled to attend an ePlan Customer Training session must print out a copy of the "ePlan Applicant User Guide" to bring to the class.

DPIE Targets Illegal Roadside Sign Litter

Illegal Sign Litter

DPIE is urging local business owners and citizens to refrain from posting illegal signs on local roadways.

DPIE, along with several other government agencies, is attacking the blight created by illegal sign litter by working each week to remove signs. More than 5,000 signs were picked up and destroyed during a two-day Sign Blitz on Sept. 23-24, 2019.

Posting signs in public rights-of-way is a violation of Prince George’s County Code punishable by a fine of up to $1,000.

Citizens are asked to report illegal signs and anyone you know who posts them to CountyClick 311 (301-883-4748 if you are outside of the County).


DPIE Code Enforcement Officer Ronnie Twine discards illegal placards during Sign Blitz.

Fall 7-Point Property Checkup

The temperatures have dropped, the leaves are falling and there is no better time to make a few fixes to your property to ensure your biggest investment fares well during the winter months!

House with tall grass and falling gutter

Try these steps:    

    • Repair peeling paint, loose siding, ragged gutters and sagging downspouts.
    • Fix broken windows and doors.
    • Clear away fallen branches, open storage and trash and debris.
    • Remove old appliances, building materials, furniture, garbage, untagged vehicles and vehicle parts.
    • Cut your grass, pull weeds and prune your plants. Remember, having grass and weeds over 12-inches tall on your lot is a County code violation punishable by a hefty fine!
    • Clean and secure your vacant property.
    • Remove any outdated holiday-related decorations and neatly hang any that are appropriate to the season.

DPIE Permit Center

DPIE Permits Center Supervisor Demetrius Jones (left) and Liliana Escobar stand ready to help visitors in need of assistance.


Get Help for Your Building Projects!


DPIE Permit Center Supervisor Demetrius Jones (left) and Permits Specialist Liliana Escobar stand ready to help visitors in need of assistance.

2020 Census


By law, every 10 years the U.S. Census counts every resident in the United States. Your participation determines representation and how billions in federal funds are distributed. If our community is undercounted, friends and neighbors miss out on an estimated $18,250 per person over a 10-year period. Prince George's County lost an estimated $363 million in federal funding due to an undercount in 2010.