New Website Launched & Changes to Subscriptions

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New Website Launched!

Beautiful Imagery and Mobile Friendly

Prince George's County Website Portal
New website portal for easy access to branches and other county services

Improved look and feel displaying places
around the county

County Council Homepage

We have launched a new Prince George's County Website.

Some of the many features included are:

  • Prominent search on every page
  • Mobile friendly
  • Quick access to each branch
  • Council meetings calendar (now can subscribe to and print)
  • Simplified navigation
  • Sign-in to personalize the sites
  • Text resizer for easier reading
  • Much more...


Subscription Topics Simplified

mobile friendly

With the launch of the new site, we have also simplified your Subscribe MyPGC topics.

You'll find concise News listings and greater access to subscribe to what you care about most. We will also be updating our layout for event emails for easier access to the events you care about.

Here are some of the new topics that will be available for you to subscribe to.

  • County Council Districts 1-9 News
  • Daily schedule for County Executive
  • Agendas

These are just a few advantages in the new Prince George's County Government website.