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Your emotional state can often play a major part in how good or bad your life is going. When your emotional needs are not being met in some way, everything becomes harder.

By practicing emotional self-care, you give yourself a head start on leading a happier, healthier life. Emotional self-care means that you have safe way or place to “let it out” or express your true emotions and feelings. When you have that, you feel connected which helps to make you feel more relaxed and safe.

Emotional self-care is…

  • being honest with yourself.
  • holding space for your emotions.
  • dealing with feelings.
  • learning how to move forward.

How are you doing with your emotional self-care?

Take this short self-care assessment quiz to figure out your needs and make your plan to take better care of yourself thanks to your newfound understanding.

Emotional self-care quiz

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Serve Safe Food

To prevent choking, have your toddler sit in a highchair, booster, or other safe, upright place while eating. Sit with your child as they eat. Avoid letting your child run, walk, play, or lie down with food in their mouth.

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