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How are you feeling on the inside?

Spiritual self care

Studies have shown that a life that includes religion or spirituality is usually a healthier life and can have many health benefits. Your spiritual health affects your mental and physical health. Your body and emotions tell the truth; when you are truly happy and growing you will know it on the inside.
Spiritual self-care can help you to:

  • Improve relationships and connections with others
  • Feel more inner peace
  • Gain an understanding of what makes you happy
  • Increase feelings of connection to the world
  • Reduce feelings of being alone
  • Improve relationship with self

How are you doing with your spiritual self-care?

Take this short self-care assessment quiz to figure out your needs and make your plan to take better care of yourself thanks to your newfound understanding.

Spiritual self-care quiz

Father and son fishing

Summer’s Grand Finale: 11 Tips to Hook Children on Fishing

When children catch their first fish, a sense of accomplishment washes over their faces. From the look in their eyes to the slight angling of their bodies, you witness the moment they have learned one of life’s most valuable lessons: patience and perseverance can yield valuable rewards. There are many benefits to teaching children how to fish, such as problem-solving and cognitive skills. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity to bond with nature. Check out these 11 simple tips to get your children hooked on fishing. If fishing is not an option for your family, here are eight Ways for Families to Engage Children in Nature.

Over 6 months eligible for COVID-19 vaccine

Get ready for child care

Go about Your Day Confidently

Mornings can be stressful, so Maryland EXCELS helps moms and dads like you find quality child care providers in your neighborhood, wherever that may be, across Maryland. Knowing your child will be in a safe and healthy environment filled with fun and learning lets you go about your day confidently.

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