What about your friends?

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How are your relationships?

Friends and relationships are self care

Socialization is key to self-care. But, sometimes, it's hard to make time for friendships when life gets busy.

Close friendships are important to your well-being. The best way to keep and grow close friendships is to put time and energy into building your relationships with others.

There isn't a certain number of hours you should give to your friends or work on your relationships. Everyone has different social needs. The key is to figure out what your social needs are and to build enough time in your schedule to create an ideal social life.

What are your social needs?

Take this short self care assessment quiz to figure out your needs and make your plan to take better care of yourself thanks to your newfound understanding.

Take the social self care quiz.

Math skills

Counting on Success

Daily activities offer many chances for your child to learn. For example, you can help build your child's counting and math skills during a trip to the store. You can also instill concepts such as larger and smaller, heavier and lighter, higher and lower, and less and more during the outing. Watch this video for ideas about other ways to help your early learner.

Over 6 months eligible for COVID-19 vaccine

Community resources and farmers market

TIPS: Local Community Resources

Children begin exploring the world from the moment they are born. As they grow, their world expands from the family and home they live in, to the community that surrounds them. A great way to help children connect and explore their world is to check out some of the local community resources Maryland has to offer!

Check out this list of ideas for places to explore in your community.

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