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How are you physically?

Mom walking stroller and exercise

Physical self-care is the most basic and important form of self-care that you can practice.

Your physical self-care includes the care you give to your body. This includes your sleep habits, diet, hydration, and exercise.

How can you take better care of yourself if you don’t know where you are right now?

So, take this short self care assessment quiz and make your plan to take better care of yourself thanks to your newfound understanding.

Take the physical self care quiz.

building language skills from birth

Did you know that, at birth, babies can tell the difference between their mother's voice and other sounds from the world around them? They really are absorbing everything around them, even from their earliest moments.

You can help them learn about language and behavior right from birth. Smiling at them shows them that you recognize or see them. Babbling with your baby, responding to their sounds with coos and noises, demonstrates that you hear them and helps them move from babbling to speaking more quickly. Also, talking to babies with words, and pausing to let them "answer," helps them learn the flow of conversations.

Young black girl that is a picky eater

5 Tips for Parents to Save Money and Reduce Picky Eater Food Waste

The USDA expects all food prices to rise between 4.5 and 5.5 percent this year.

You have tried everything to avoid mealtime struggles with your picky eater. You made sure no onions touched the burgers. You camouflaged eggs with cheese. Some days your little one takes a few bites, and the next day the food ends up in the trash. With food prices rising into the double digits, wasting food is no laughing matter. Discover MFE’s five expert tips to save money, reduce waste, and encourage your picky eater to take a big bite out of happier, healthier meals.  

Transitioning  to Kindergarten

TIPS: Transitioning from an Early Childhood Program to Kindergarten

Transitioning from an early childhood program to kindergarten is a significant time for children and families. Providers, families, and schools can work together to help make this important transition a smooth one.

Each program should have transition plans in place throughout the year that help prepare a child both developmentally and academically for kindergarten.

Check out this list of ideas that can ease the transition for all involved.

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