Healthy Beginnings!

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Delivering Support to Families with Young Learners

A Successful School Year Starts with Some Self-Care

Back to School Stress

A successful start to the school year is just as important for you as it is for your kids.

Between school supplies shopping, finishing up summer activities, creating a functional workspace, and getting back to or starting a school year routine, life can feel a bit overwhelming. This is totally normal, and you’re not alone!

While you're creating a routine and space to help your child succeed, do the same for yourself too. Whether you're tackling bills, parent-teacher conference calls, online shopping, or simply returning a text message, a physical space to call your own will allow you to focus and be productive without distractions.

Healthy Beginnings Calendar

Healthy Beginnings Calendar for Parents & Families

Your child’s needs will change with age. You aren’t expected to know it all. The Healthy Beginnings calendar is full of helpful information and resources for parents, including information about developmental milestones, as well as programs and services that support both parents and their young children.

Use this calendar to get some answers to questions that you may have or get information to make choices during the early years of your child’s life. It’s an easy way to access all things related to child care in Maryland!

Each month a different child-related topic is highlighted – offering various program information and how to get more details. Throughout the calendar, you’ll benefit from the health, safety, growth, and learning activities and tips.

Download the calendar.

Back to School Organizational Tips

9 Back-to-School Organizational Tips for Parents and Families

Whether it's from preschool to kindergarten or middle to high school, the stress and challenges associated with back-to-school transitions are at an unprecedented high.

Experts suggest parents and families have conversations with children in advance to go over expectations and any upcoming changes. For additional support, discover MFE's 9 Back-to-School Organizational Tips for Parents and Families.

Kacy for Maryland EXCELS

It's a Win-Win with Maryland EXCELS 

A win for your child--in the form of high-quality child care.

A win for families--in the form of...

  • confidence in your choice of child care and
  • money-saving opportunities with Child Care Scholarship.

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