You're a Superhero: Be Sure to Recharge!

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You are a SUPERHERO!


Parents ARE superheroes! You save the day for your kids when you play together, read bedtime stories and give lots of hugs and kisses. 

Take your cape off for a moment, because even superheroes need rest. it’s crucial for you to be able to get some healthy sleep in order to be fully focused and prepared to do all the necessary, everyday-baby-things. If you’ve already gone for a week without decent sleep and every time you sit down you end up nodding off, ask a sidekick, friend or relative for help. It's time to recharge your super powers!

Sleeping Mom

Rest and Recharge

It’s not easy to get more sleep. You can’t control when your kids will wake up and need you and doing things like loading the dishwasher, showering, or washing clothes can keep you busy. The need to complete these latter things often keeps parents from going to bed early. The reality is that you are not your best as parent when you are tired. If your schedule is causing you or your family to suffer, change it! You have to figure out how to get the rest you need. Do what works, but make sure you’re well rested.  This will look a little different for everyone, but you have to make it a priority if you are going to recharge.

Tips for quality rest.

Toni's Outdoor Adventures

Playtime at the Playground

DYK: Play helps children develop social and emotional development skills and encourages strong parent-child bonds? According to the Harvard Graduate School of Education, play spaces can greatly enrich learning when they introduce opportunities for risk-taking and invite uncertainty in play.

Get Up, Get Out, and #SeekSummerAdventures!

  • Make a splash, soak up the sun, or host a sweet celebration! Check out MFE’s Fun Ideas for Family Engagement and tips to hit the road this summer. Download here.
  • Go to a petting zoo, butterfly hunting, or fishing! Create great memories that will last a lifetime. Share your summer adventures with @MDEngageEarly using the hashtag #SeekSummerAdventures. Download your full Outdoor (14) Adventures Checklist here
  • Make sure children cool off safely this summer! Always monitor children in and around the water. Also, teach them how to swim. Use this Pool Safety Checklist: Tips for Parents to keep children safe at the pool. Download here.

Gain Confidence When Choosing Child Care

Gain Confidence When Choosing Child Care

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