Time-Out: Taking Minutes for Mom!

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Make every day Mother’s Day!

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Having children is above and beyond a full-time job: it’s a 24/7 lifestyle, especially during our child's early years. Make every day Mother’s Day by breaking free and creating dedicated time to rest and care for yourself.

Self-care is absolutely important for parents themselves but it's also an important habit to teach our children early. See how your self-care impacts you and your child.


Give and Take a Minute: Using Time-Out 

A time-out can be a very effective way of helping children learn the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. They also give you and your child time to cool down. It gives you the chance to take a breath and step away from an issue for a moment so you don't lose your temper. 

See how time-out works and what steps you need to follow in order for it to be effective for you and your child. 

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Little People, Big Feelings

Whether they are a little afraid, frustrated, sad, or just plain angry, little ones experience “BIG” feelings too. In this video, filmed before the spread of COVID-19, learn how to identify children who may have social, emotional, or behavioral concerns.
DYK: understanding emotions is critical to children’s overall development. Helping to recognize and identify emotions also gives children the skills needed to be ready for kindergarten. Use these tips and activities to teach your children ways to express their feelings appropriately. Start by using real-life examples or other “teachable moments.”

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How Can You Spot Quality Child Care?

From a program’s playing and learning environments to its teacher and child interactions, quality has many characteristics.

Get the help you need to find the quality program your child deserves. Visit MarylandEXCELS.org/directory.

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