Make time for you & family this March!

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Take Some Time for YOU!

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To all the parents out there: you are doing an amazing job! But remember to take a moment for yourself, to breathe, stretch, whatever you need to keep being your best self. Hang in there and keep up the great work!

Watch this short video from Sesame Street filled with easy ways to take a minute for yourself.

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You Know What I Mean? Giving Directions

A positive relationship is your most important tool for getting your child to listen and follow directions. It is also important to give clear directions that fit your child’s age. Good directions can help you have positive daily experiences with your child.

Find out the steps to giving good directions and how to handle times when your child does not follow your directions.

Check out how one mother figures out why her son is not following directions.

Family Movie

Fun Ways to Celebrate with Family in March

Mini Book and Film Review:

In honor of National Reading Month, visit your local library and select a book that has been made into a movie. Read the book and then watch the movie together. Ask the children about the characters--are they the same or different?

Find more fun activities at

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One Way to Spot Quality in Child Care…

Look for hugs, smiles, and talking. For example, a good caregiver talks with children about what they do and see. She finds ways to add more detail to children’s play to help them learn new skills.

Observe caregivers interacting with children. You can learn a lot about a program simply by watching.

Visit Maryland EXCELS Find a Program to search for quality-rated family child care homes, child care centers and public prekindergarten programs.

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