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Council President Glass Fall Newsletter

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October 2023

Safe Streets Act

The Safe Streets Act is now law! I introduced this legislation because too many of our neighbors continue to be seriously injured or killed while walking or biking on our streets. So far this year, more than 400 people have been injured and 12 have been tragically killed.

This law will bring much-needed safety improvements to our roads. Changes will include: enhancing walk times at crosswalks; prohibiting “right turn on red” at busy intersections in downtown areas; requiring infrastructure reviews following incidents in school zones, walksheds and bus stops; and developing a plan for increased automated traffic enforcement.

I’m grateful to the community members and advocates who shared their personal stories and perspectives that helped strengthen this legislation. This is the biggest step toward achieving our Vision Goals, but we still have much work to do to make our roads safer for pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers –– everyone.

Signing ceremony of the Safe Streets Act

Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

Gas-powered leaf blowers have long been considered a noise nuisance by neighbors, with carbon emissions that endanger the health and hearing of the landscape workers who use them.

The Council has now passed a bill that will ban the sale and use of gas-powered leaf blowers within the county. The ban will be phased in over the next two years. Starting July 1, 2024, the sale of new gas-powered leaf blowers will be prohibited, and a year later, starting July 1, 2025, it will be illegal to use gas-powered leaf blowers in the county. 

The bill requires the development of a grant program to help homeowners and landscape companies pay for the transition to electric leaf blowers. Moving toward electric leaf blowers is an important step we can take to address environmental, noise and health concerns in our community, and prohibiting the use of gas-powered leaf blowers is one example of the many steps we are taking to help combat climate change.

Leaf blower

Tour of Marriott International’s New Headquarters with Gov. Moore

It was a pleasure to tour Marriott International’s new headquarters in downtown Bethesda along with Governor Moore, Marriott leadership and other local officials. Marriott International has called our region home since its founding in 1927. With 8,100 hotels all around the world, Marriott’s decision to build an innovative, transit-accessible building in Maryland is exactly the type of investment we need.

Gov. Moore and CP Glass stand under Marriott headquarters sign.

Poolesville Day

It’s always a delight to celebrate Poolesville Day in beautiful Western Montgomery County. I spent the morning talking with local leaders from Poolesville and members of the Fair Access Committee about the need to reopen White’s Ferry, build a new recreation center and increase after school youth programs.

Poolesville is located in the county’s Agricultural Reserve, a unique and vital resource, encompassing approximately one-third of the land area in Montgomery County. If you haven’t visited Poolesville recently, make a plan to do so today.

Council President Glass speaks with Poolesville leaders.

Hispanic Heritage Month

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Council held its 10th annual commemoration to celebrate the rich and diverse aspects of Latino culture. Representing 38 countries and territories, Hispanic and Latino-Americans represent more than 20% of Montgomery County’s population and are vital members of our community. Check out the Friday night TGIF Encore concert series in Wheaton and other events throughout the community spotlighting and celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. Watch the Council’s video commemoration.

Hispanic Heritage Month

Constituent Corner

A Silver Spring resident recently contacted our office about her Homestead Property Tax Credit because she had not heard back from the state of Maryland about the status of her application. The Homestead Property Tax Credit helps homeowners deal with large assessment increases on their principal residence by limiting the increase in taxable assessments each year to a fixed percentage. My office contacted the resident’s state representatives on her behalf and the issue was quickly resolved.


Did You Know?

One in eight women in the U.S. will develop breast cancer at some point in her lifetime. But there is hope. Early detection and breast cancer screenings save lives. When caught in its earliest stages, the 5-year relative survival rate is 99%. Free or low-cost breast and cervical cancer screening services are available in Maryland. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, take time to learn more and help spread awareness about breast cancer, symptoms, risk factors, mammograms, diagnosis and more.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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