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June 29, 2023

Anti-Hate Task Force

Amid the alarming rise in racial, ethnic and LGBTQ+ hate crimes in Montgomery County, I called for the creation of the Montgomery County Anti-Hate Task Force. The Anti-Hate Task Force is comprised of community and faith leaders who will engage residents in developing recommendations to develop policies that promote safety and combat hate crimes in Montgomery County. 

The task force was formed in the wake of the news that there were 143 reported bias incidents in Montgomery County in 2021 -- the highest number in nearly a decade. 

We are all committed to working together to end the spread of hate, bigotry and harassment based on race, ethnicity, color, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or any other protected characteristic as defined by law. We must stand against hate and bigotry.

More information on the task force can be found here.

CP Glass and Aryani Ong at immigration rally in 2019

Housing Tour with the Moore Administration

I was honored to join Maryland Housing Secretary Jake Day and Secretary of Disabilities Carol Beatty for a tour of Main Street Connect, an affordable, accessible and inclusive apartment complex and community center in the heart of Rockville. We had a great discussion about housing needs and housing initiatives of all types in Montgomery County.

75 percent of the units at the Main Street apartments are affordable and 25 percent are dedicated for adults with disabilities. Their focus on inclusion and accessibility is exactly the type of philosophy we must embrace for the future of housing in Montgomery County.

Group photo at Main Street Apartments

MoCo Celebrates July 4th!

The Fourth of July is around the corner! From the Takoma Park Parade to fireworks in Kensington and Germantown, there are many ways to celebrate across Montgomery County. 

As you prepare for your neighborhood barbecues and family gatherings, take steps to prepare food safely, keep children and pets safe, and stay informed on how to enjoy fireworks displays safely.

Montgomery County fireworks and Independence Day events schedule

Silver Spring Ranks #3 Among Top U.S. Cities

Fortune Magazine ranked Silver Spring #3 in its list of best places for families to live. Fortune analyzed 1,900 cities, towns, suburbs and townships across the U.S. in search of the best places to live for families. Silver Spring’s quality schools, diversity, public transit options, the arts and entertainment district and small businesses were highlighted as reasons for its top ranking on the list. Read more.

People walking outside of Silver Spring Civic Building

Constituent Corner

An Ashton resident recently contacted my office about getting additional lighting along Chandlee Mill Road. The resident told us that deer frequently appear on the road and can cause serious damage if drivers do not see them in time. Additionally, several high school students have to stand in the dark while waiting for the bus. My office was able to get additional lighting along the road to keep students, pedestrians, drivers and deer safe.


Did You Know?

Calling all electric vehicle owners: Starting June 12, qualified plug-in electric vehicle owners are eligible to apply for a new High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) permit. The HOV permit will allow drivers to use the HOV lanes on Interstate 270 and US-50 regardless of the number of vehicle occupants.

The MVA is accepting applications now. All eligible vehicle owners must apply for a new permit through the myMVA eServices portal here or visiting an MVA branch office. Please note that prior permit holders should remove expired permits from their vehicle and reapply for a new permit. The new program includes a $5 application fee and is valid through September 30, 2025. Learn more.

Electric car charging

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