Procurement Compliance Bulletin 8.24.2022

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Procurement Compliance Bulletin


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Back to the Basics - Process Documentation

Process Documentation

As children nationwide head back to the classroom, so should we. With the only thing constant being change, it is important to have proper “Process Documentation.” Process documentation is a detailed description of how to execute a process. It outlines the exact steps needed to complete a task from start to finish. Creating a detailed document can align teamwork around process objectives and encourage organizational clarity. As your agency is preparing annual reports for the SBR, MBE, and VSBE Programs, make an effort to document your processes.

It is recommended that several formats be utilized, both for efficiency and to accommodate people who learn differently, such as auditory or visual learners. Documentation should be used as a guide to help employees at all levels, including decision makers and stakeholders, to understand your agency's processes and the reasons they are necessary.

As you document your processes, remember to detail each step you take and be specific. The extra effort now can make next year a better year. 

There are five key elements of process documentation:

  1. Improve current processes - As we continue to recover from COVID, there are now more options available in determining how new processes can be carried out and documented. This can help decrease inefficiencies and differing interpretations of processes. Your processes and documentation should evolve, just as your agency has. 
  2. Create training materials - When processes are written out, valuable historical information is now documented, which can also prevent knowledge loss when individuals exit your organization. This is useful when there is turnover and new employees must be trained quickly, or if an individual is out for an extended period of time.  
  3. Document company knowledge - This process serves to document and preserve policies and procedures, both past and present.  For auditing purposes, this can help explain how or why certain processes were carried out or why they were changed.
  4. Creates consistency - While there are several roles and responsibilities involved in every process, maintaining operational consistency is essential for success.
  5. Documents things that are unique - Each agency has its distinct needs and tools used to carry out their functions. Documenting them are key, particularly when examining budgetary needs, updated technology, and maximizing your workforce. 

Items that can be included in process documentation are special forms, policies, templates, screenshots, important links, and any other item that demonstrates how your specific agency carries out its policies and procedures. These documents need to be revisited annually to incorporate new technology changes, or enhancements can be made to make your office processes as efficient as possible. 

Examples of Process Documentation Formats:

Visual Process Maps
Quick Reference Guides                                                                                                          Training Manuals / Standard Operating Procedures
Video Tutorials

The efforts you make to start your process documentation efforts now will make everything easier when you begin to prepare your annual reports next year.  

VSBE Program


Special Recognition for Veteran Vendors

GOSBA will be honoring several veteran-owned small businesses in November as we celebrate Veterans Day. We are seeking recommendations to receive a Governor's Citation. Has your agency had a great experience with a VSBE? If you would like to recommend a VSBE, please send an email to Danielle Davis ( Please send your recommendations no later than 9/15/2022. 


Reporting - The Annual Reporting period began on July 1, 2022 

Annual report instructions and templates are now available in the VSBE Reporting Toolkit. Please take the time to review the FY2022 VSBE Reporting Manual as there have been some important updates. 

The VSBE Annual Report is due October 1st and should contain data from July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022. 

VSBE Annual Reports and supporting documentation must be submitted
by email to

For any questions regarding the VSBE Program, or to be added to the
VSBE Liaison Training calendar invitations, email
 Danielle Davis at


New VSBE Forms Coming Soon

GOSBA, in collaboration with the Office of State Procurement (OSP), is updating the current VSBE Solicitation Attachments and Appendices series E forms. The new forms will include minor updates and formatting improvements. The biggest change is the addition of a formal waiver process, similar to that used on MBE forms. The VSBE forms are currently under legal review and will be posted to the OSP website by the end of the month.

MBE Program

Reporting - The Annual Reporting period began on July 1, 2022

Annual report instructions and templates are now available in the MBE Reporting Toolkit. Please remember that liaisons do not submit a 4th quarter report. Instead agencies should work on the FY22 MBE Annual Report, making sure to use the latest templates.

Annual reports are due September 30th and should contain data from July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022. 

For questions about the MBE Program, or to be added to the
MBE Liaison Training calendar invitations, email
Nichelle Johnson at

SBR Program Reporting 

The Annual Reporting period began on July 1, 2022

Annual report instructions and templates are now available in the SBR Reporting Toolkit.
Please remember that liaisons do not submit a 4th quarter report. Instead agencies should work on the FY22 SBR Annual Report, making sure to use the latest templates.

Annual reports are due September 30th and should contain data from July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022. 

For any questions about the SBR Program, or to be added to the
SBR Liaison Training calendar invitations, email
Lisa Mitchell Sennaar at

Compliance Update

The Next Compliance Call is September 8, 2022, 10:00 am

Check your calendar for the invitation!

Please join us for the September Compliance Call which will include a very unique presentation about searching databases for SBR, MBE, and VSBE vendors. For this call, you will want to log in using a device that allows you to view a special video we have prepared.  If you are unable to see the screen, the video file will be made available in the calendar invite as well.

Our quarterly conference calls address issues impacting the SBR, MBE, and VSBE procurement programs in an open and transparent forum. Topics can and should be submitted by each of you for inclusion and discussion in the call. Please submit topics no later than August 25th to the email box.

For questions about the compliance call,
please email or
If you do not wish to attend any upcoming meetings, simply decline the meeting invitation.

Survey Reminder

The FY2022-23 survey series has launched!

As previously announced, the House Appropriations Committee has mandated a second series of surveys to address ongoing concerns about attainment of MBE goals, liaison vacancies, and the liaison's role within each agency. The surveys are being conducted by the Governor's Office of Small, Minority & Women Business Affairs in collaboration with the Department of General Services, Office of State Procurement. A report is due to the Committee in December.

  • The 2022 Agency MBE Participation Attainment Survey launched during the last week of June. As a reminder, the data has been requested to:
    • Understand how state agencies approach MBE goal attainment.
    • Determine if there is room for improvement within specific agencies.
  • Liaisons will need to collaborate with procurement directors to provide accurate and scrubbed FY22 MBE Annual procurement data for the survey.
  • The Agency MBE Participation Attainment Survey will close on October 31, 2022. No extension can be granted.
  • Submission of this survey is required and agencies who fail to submit the requested data by the due date will be reported as non-responsive to the Committee. 

  • Another Agency Liaison Survey will launch later this year. More detailed information about the liaison survey will be provided soon.

Questions about the surveys may be directed to
MBE Compliance Manager, Nichelle Johnson at or 410-697-9605.

REMINDER: The FY2023 Procurement Forecast was due on June 30th.

Thank you to the 61 agencies that 
submitted your FY2023 Procurement Forecast.

The statewide procurement forecast published is one of the most powerful tools available to our small business vendor community. It is published on the GOSBA website and actively promoted at outreach events, training programs and one-on-one vendor sessions. If you have not submitted your agency Forecast, please submit it as soon as possible to be added to Procurement Forecast Portal.

The FY2023 Procurement Forecast instructions and template are located in both the MBE Reporting Toolkit and the SBR Reporting Toolkit. Agencies only need to submit one report with all projected procurements, including SBR designated procurements and those with MBE and VSBE goals.

Procurement Forecasts, which must be provided in EXCEL FORMAT,
should be submitted via email to:

For any questions regarding the Procurement Forecast, email
Lisa Mitchell Sennaar at

REMINDER: The SBR/MBE Consolidated Strategic Plan is now overdue

Thank you to the 47 agencies/departments
that have submitted your FY2023 Consolidated Strategic Plan.

The consolidated Strategic Plan template is available in the SBR Reporting Toolkit and the MBE Reporting Toolkit. If you have not turned in your agency's strategic plan, please do so as soon as possible.

Strategic Plans should be submitted via email to:

For any questions regarding the consolidated Strategic Plan, email
Nichelle Johnson at
or Lisa Mitchell Sennaar at

Ahead in FY2023...


Quarterly Compliance Calls (10 am - 12 noon)
September 8, 2022
December 8, 2022

MBE/SBR/VSBE Liaison Combined Training (full day
October 4, 2022 
February 9, 2023
June 29, 2023