Procurement Compliance Bulletin 3.31.2022

Governor's Office of Small, Minority & Women Business Affairs

Procurement Compliance Bulletin



Announcing the launch of the
New SBR/MBE Consolidated Strategic Plan

In an effort to streamline the reporting process, the SBR and MBE Strategic Plans are now being consolidated into one report. What this means is that now each agency will only turn in one strategic plan document. This is similar to the Procurement Forecast process.

The consolidated report will have distinct SBR and MBE sections. For those agencies that participate in both the MBE and SBR programs, you will make your own determination on the best way to coordinate and compile the information for each section of the consolidated report. For those agencies that are not SBR participating agencies, you will fill out the MBE portion only, and note that you are not a SBR participating agency. 

The FY2023 SBR/MBE Consolidated Strategic Plan is due on or before June 30th.

The strategic plan is a vehicle for agencies to review their progress over time and map out a plan to continue and increase engagement of certified SBR/MBE firms. 

The consolidated Strategic Plan template is now available in the SBR Reporting Toolkit and the MBE Reporting Toolkit. 

Reports should be submitted via email to:

Questions or issues should be directed to
Nichelle Johnson at
or Lisa Mitchell Sennaar at

Procurement Forecast

The FY2023 Procurement Forecast Instructions and template are now available in the the MBE Reporting Toolkit and the SBR Reporting Toolkit

The Procurement Forecast is due on or before June 30th

 Agencies only need to submit one report with all projected procurements, including SBR designated procurements, and those with MBE and VSBE goals.

This data, which includes all projected purchases of $100,000 and above for the fiscal year, connects with the Hogan administration's theme that “Maryland is Open for Business." Keep in mind the forecast is provided to the public and serves as an important tool for the small, minority, women, and veteran business community. Contracting opportunities are vital to the recovery of the small business community. Please give the proper attention to this mandatory report by following the instructions and being thorough with your responses.

Procurement Forecasts should be submitted via email in EXCEL FORMAT to:

Procurement Forecast questions or issues should be directed to
Lisa Mitchell Sennaar at