Small Business Reserve Program

Small Business Reserve
(SBR) Program

Over $400 Million in Prime Contracting
Awards Made Annually


January 22, 2020

Are You in the SBR Program?

Small businesses registered in Maryland's Small Business Reserve (SBR) Program have access to over $400 Million in prime contracting awards annually. This is a race- and gender-neutral program. It is open to all small businesses that meet the eligibility standards.
SBR certification takes place within eMaryland Marketplace Advantage (eMMA), the state's new e-procurement platform launched in July, 2019. Are you in eMMA
Firms registered in the old system were not automatically carried into eMMA.
Registered vendors receive email notifications when a contracting opportunity matches their interests, they can view open solicitations, respond to solicitations, view awarded contracts, search vendors, and much more. This is a free service and registration takes place online. 
Need another incentive? You must be registered in eMMA in order to be awarded a contract.
Make the time to register in eMMA and become a certified vendor in the SBR Program today.

Already in the SBR?
Enhance Your Vendor Profile

If your firm is currently a certified SBR in eMMA, now is a good time to fine-tune your vendor profile. In particular, be sure to:
  • Make sure your Tax ID number has been entered correctly. 
  • Enter all the contact information for your company, including those fields that are not mandatory. This helps procurement officers reach you when necessary. 
  • Assign user roles to all of your contacts. You can have as many as you would like, but be sure each one is assigned a user role and his/her individual contact information is provided.
  • Carefully and purposefully select your product and service codes. The selections you make will have a direct impact on the email notices your receive as solicitations are posted on eMMA.
Read the Quick Reference Guides for step-by-step instructions (with screen shots) to maintain your vendor profile in eMMA.