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MGR news

March 2, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has forced reconsideration of many aspects of business operations including office space. If you're looking to move or stay right where you are, read below for ways to engage your landlord on matters that will help save you money and reduce your organization's overall environmental impacts.

The annual awards are back!  The application period for the 2021 Maryland Green Registry Sustainability Leadership Awards will run March 22 - April 23, 2021.  The easy-to-complete application will be posted to the website and e-mailed out to you all. We look forward to using this year's awards to promote your good work during a challenging year.

Laura Armstrong

Maryland Green Registry


Green Leasing

When it comes to incorporating environmental performance in your leasing decisions, there are a number of questions you can raise with building owners and managers to show your interest and gauge their commitment to efficient operations. 

  • Do they have any green building certifications (like LEED, IGCC, ENERGY STAR Buildings, etc.)?
  • Do they maintain strong energy, water and waste management systems (like ENERGY STAR Portfolio) to track energy and water usage and share that information with tenants? 
  • Have they Installed LED lighting and WaterSense plumbing fixtures?
  • Do they offer tenants on-site collection of recycling and composting materials?
  • Do they employ integrative pest management and sustainable landscaping practices?
  • Is there easy access to public transportation and EV charging?
  • Do they engage tenants on environmental issues and give them a seat at the table to discuss behavioral change as part of reaching energy and environmental goals for both the building and its tenants? 

These and other green management practices can also be written directly into lease agreements to facilitate ongoing implementation of sustainable building practices. Model green lease agreements can be found on these sites: 

tenant space




At last, an ENERGY STAR program for tenants!

This new program provides recognition and support for organizations that lease office space in multi-tenant buildings. Applicants use the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to track energy and water usage and pledge to procure energy efficient equipment. Learn more here.

Cert. Central

Submit your certification!

While environmental certifications can be found on many member profiles (it's the last checkbox on the member application form), the Maryland Green Registry's new Certification Central aims to put them all in one place.  

To add your organization's name to the list and to volunteer your expertise on particular certification programs, complete this form. Be sure to submit by June 1 to be eligible for the prize drawing. And when it comes to prizes, members love getting items from fellow members, so please consider contributing a product or service to the prize drawing as well!

Manufacturing Disruption Mitigation Assistance: Click here to register for a one-hour webinar on how to take advantage of free technical assistance to reduce the risk of business disruption from COVID-19 by improving facility air flow, filtration and ventilation as well as energy efficiency. The webinar dates are March 3, 11, 16 or 24, 2021 from 9:30 a.m until 10:30 a.m each day.