Green Cleaning, Green Investments, and Free Coffee

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December 3, 2019


As we prepare to head into the new year, it's a good time to explore new goals, new practices and new programs to green your organization. After all, the Maryland Green Registry is all about striving to improve environmental performance year after year.

On that note, please make sure that your organization's member profile has been updated within the past three years. It's a requirement of the program, but it also helps demonstrate to viewers of your profile that your organization's environmental commitment is strong and ongoing. 

Please e-mail us with your ideas of what you'd like to see from the Maryland Green Registry in 2020, including a topic for the annual membership challenge/contest.  

Thank you and best wishes to all in the new year!

Laura Armstrong

Maryland Green Registry

green cleaning

Green cleaning is safe cleaning

As you may have seen in recent news, mixing cleaning products can have deadly consequences. To keep your staff safe, make sure cleaning staff are properly trained and review these preferred practices to reduce impacts to human health and the environment: 

  • Use green cleaning techniques (i.e. prevention measures like walk-off mats to catch dirt at entryways, and methods like cleaning prior to disinfection/sanitizing to minimize the use of strong products).
  • Choose third-party certified green cleaning products.
  • Learn to read labels and avoid products that don't disclose ingredients.  Ask to see the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and the NFPA Coding (the triangle label showing specific risks) for all products that your janitorial service intends to use in the facility.
  • Avoid products with strong odors, dyes, phthalates, PERC, trisoclan, quaternary ammonium compounds (quats) and phosphates. 
  • Pay attention to packaging.  Look for ultra high concentrated products, refillable containers, and avoid plastics labeled #3, #6, and #7.
  • Where appropriate, use reusable cleaning cloths and microfiber technology instead of paper products.
  • Consider bin liners made from recycled content. (Remember that recyclables should be kept loose because plastic liners tangle equipment at the sorting facility).
  • Consider daytime cleaning so that lights may be turned off during non-business hours.

Thanks to Jon Shukurov with Interworld Cleaning, who presented green cleaning tips at our Maryland Green Registry "Greening Your Business" program last winter.


Greening your retirement fund options

For organizations committed to reducing the environmental impacts of their property, products, and services, the selection of employee retirement investment options can offer an opportunity to make an impact beyond the company fence line.  If your organization offers 401(k) retirement funds, consider adding funds that use an investment approach that incorporates ESG, or environmental, social, and governance considerations.  Considering ESG criteria can help portfolio managers identify companies capable of managing risk and creating long-term sustainable value. Your 401(k) management company can tell you more about this and other approaches to socially responsible investing. 

winter coffee

Free coffee offer ends January 31

Don't miss your chance to earn a $10 Starbucks gift card by recruiting a new business or organization to the Maryland Green Registry. Visit this page for recruiting tips and act soon before the offer ends January 31, 2020.