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May 2019       

Get the Word Out!

Using MREC's advertising checklist

MREC advertising checklist

Successful advertising reaches a wide range of people. Make sure that you present a professional and legally compliant advertising campaign. Although ads are targeted to potential clients, they also reach Maryland Real Estate Commission members, staff and other real estate professionals. In Maryland, an advertisement includes but is not necessarily limited to, any correspondence, mailing, newsletter, brochure, business card, for sale or for lease sign, any rider, promotional item, automobile signage, telephone directory listing, television announcement, radio announcement, telephone solicitation or web and internet voiceover.

All of your communications that fall under the above criteria must be compliant with Maryland law and associated regulations. To assist licensees with compliance, the commission’s advertising task force created a useful checklist. Using this tool to check your proposed advertisement will assist with keeping your advertisements legally compliant. The checklist can be found online.

Under broker supervision, your broker is responsible for reviewing all advertisements prior to them being placed. If the commission finds an advertising violation, we directly contact the licensee’s broker to bring the advertisement into compliance.

Thinking of a Change?

Is your license in referral status? – No! That is not a license status

in Maryland

For some real estate professionals, it makes sense for them to join a referral brokerage. We often have licensees call us about “putting my license in referral status.” However, Maryland has only two license statuses: active and inactive. Licensees with an active license are with a brokerage (sometimes a “referral” brokerage), but they are fully-licensed agents completing continuing education requirements and renewing during each two-year licensing period.

Inactive licensees are no longer with a brokerage. When on inactive status, you cannot perform any real estate brokerage services. One can only be on inactive status for three years. Even if you have completed continuing education and renewed during your inactive period, three years from the date you changed to inactive status your license will expire. If prior to the three years, you decide to reactivate your license and have not completed the required continuing education, it must be completed before the license can be reactivated. You must plan well in advance to complete all requirements and pay all fees prior to the end of the three-year period.

Reinstating an expired license can present some unique continuing education requirements, so if you have any questions, please contact the MREC so you have time to complete them. If you exceed the timeline, you will not be eligible to reinstate your license, and you must complete the pre-licensing class and pass both the national and state portions of the exam in order to become licensed again.

Where Are You?

MREC electronic notification – update your email addresses

Person using laptop

As a result of successful 2017 legislation, Maryland’s real estate law was changed to allow for electronic notifications to licensees. The changes affected
§17-314 (d) and enabled the MREC and other licensing authorities to send electronic reminders and other important information to licensees. During the phase-in period, which is one complete two-year licensing cycle, customers will receive both electronic and mailed notifications. Once the two-year cycle is complete, only electronic communications will be sent. Some licensees may incur delays in receiving information when the phase-in is complete because they have not updated their email address associated with their license. Updating your email address is very easy through the online portal to access and update your record.

We are also seeing a greater incidence of licensees employing email blockers. These email blockers ask senders to complete a request to send emails to an email address. If you do not set up the Maryland Real Estate Commission as an email that you allow, you will block emails sent to you with important information related to renewal reminders, etc. This may contribute to you not renewing on time, putting your transactions at risk, as well causing you to incur additional fees to reinstate your license. Please ensure you are not blocking our important communications!

Updating your email address with the MREC is fast and easy. Simply log into the Real Estate Commission portal to access your record and update your information. Then ensure that you are not blocking commission emails.

2019 Commission Meeting Schedule

Regular business meetings of the Real Estate Commission are held on the third Wednesday of every month convening at 10:30 a.m. and are held in the third-floor conference room at the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, 500 North Calvert Street, Baltimore,
MD 21202. Portions of these meetings may be closed pursuant to the General Provisions Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, §3-305(b).

January 16, 2019
February 20, 2019
March 20, 2019
April 17, 2019
May 22, 2019*
June 19, 2019
July 17, 2019
August 21, 2019
September 25, 2019*
October 16, 2019
November 20, 2019
December 18, 2019

*Please note the May and September 2019 meetings will be held on the fourth Wednesday of both months.

Maryland Real Estate Commission


  MREC Staff

    MREC Staff, cont.

John Nicholas D'Ambrosia, Chair, 
Industry Member,
Charles County
Jeff Wright, Vice-Chair, Industry Member, Caroline County
Anne S. Cooke, Industry Member, Howard County
Marla S. Johnson, Industry Member, Frederick County
Demetria C. Scott, Industry Member, Baltimore City
Karen Baker, Consumer Member, Montgomery County
James Reeder, Consumer Member, Prince George's County
Kambon R. Williams, Consumer Member, Baltimore County
Vacant, Consumer Member

Michael L. Kasnic, 
Executive Director
Jillian Lord, Assistant
Executive Director
Darlene Martin Bedford, Licensing Supervisor
Lakissha Thornton, Licensing Specialist 
Leresha Horton, Licensing Specialist
Charlene Faison, Education Director 
Celestine Hall, Education Assistant
Brenda Iman, Paralegal/Complaints
Lucinda Rezek,
Dawn Mazzaferro, 
Complaint Administrator

Janet Morgan, Newsletter Editor
Pat Richardson, Auditor
Umar Abdul-Hamid,  Investigator
Tovie Balis, Investigator
Diane Carson, Investigator
Roderick Dotson, Investigator
John Manning, Investigator


Division Personnel

Victoria L. Wilkins,
John T. Papavasiliou,
Deputy Commissioner