District 5 Newsletter - Project Updates for Sykesville/Eldersburg

ISSUE NUMBER ONE • February 2019

Project Updates for District 5
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2018 Freedom Cover

Freedom Plan

The Carroll County Board of Commissioners adopted the 2018 Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan in October 2018 and now several priority implementation steps are underway, including: working to update the county’s zoning code and water and sewer plan and preparing to embark on a countywide transportation master plan to include a traffic study for the Freedom area.  For more information, please visit http://ccgovernment.carr.org/ccg/compplanning/ or freedomareaplan.org.

Elderwood Village/Luers Lane Project

This project is a win-win for the private and public entities involved.  Excess dirt from the Elderwood Village Stormwater Management Retrofit project on Monroe Avenue is being used at the Luers Lane project location.  The county is saving over half a million dollars by not having to dispose of excess soil while Luers Lane benefits from having extra soil to level their site. The county searched for several years to locate a property which could handle the 70,000+ cubic yards of dirt being removed from the retrofit site and worked with the Luers Lane developer to use the property as a viable option.  Several community meetings have been held with the Homeland development homeowners to discuss the project prior to work beginning on site in the summer of 2018.


Warfield at Historic Sykesville

The “Warfield” complex, located in the Town of Sykesville is intended to consist of a mix of residential and commercial uses.  The town sold the property to a developer in June 2018. The developer began work on the 145 lot residential subdivision last summer with future plans to redevelop the existing historical buildings as well as additional commercial development.

Freedom Readiness Center

The Maryland Department of General Services (DGS) broke ground for the new Freedom Readiness Center in Sykesville in October 2018.  DGS, along with the Department of Maryland Military and National Guard, are working together to build this state-of-the-art facility.  The $24.5 million Freedom Readiness Center will be the largest readiness center in the state with a 67,121 square foot LEED Silver certified building and a 6,700 square foot detached storage structure.  The project is slated for completion in October 2020 with no plans as of now for road closures in the surrounding area due to construction. More information is available  in the state press release.

Adams Paradise - Oklahoma Road

Adams Paradise is a  109 unit age-restricted facility. The site development plan was approved by the Planning Commission in August 2017. Construction is currently underway. 

Eldersburg Station Project

This is the plan for a hotel and restaurant proposed at Londontown Blvd. and Bevard Road. The final plan package for the Eldersburg Station site development plan was recently received in Development Review and distributed to all appropriate review agencies.

Rt 26 & Rt 32 Development


A WAWA is being constructed along the Route 26 frontage and a strip store (building that contains retail stores) is to occur along the area near 32.

2.  MD 32 at Bennett Rd/Johnsville Rd Update:

MDOT SHA is actively designing a project to widen MD 32 and provide left turn lanes on northbound and southbound MD 32; the project will include traffic signal modifications to add left-turn phasing in both directions at the intersection.

The intersection improvement project is fully funded for construction with Advertisement scheduled in November 2019.

Utility relocation work along MD 32 is scheduled to occur this year, followed by roadway widening in early Spring 2020

3. MD 26 at Johnsville Rd:

MDOT SHA reviewed the traffic signal timing in 2018 and made adjustments to improve traffic progression along MD 26; the are planning another timing review once the widening project between Calvert Way and Emerald Lane is complete later this summer.

The last traffic signal equipment modification involved the installation of a flashing red left-turn signal on MD 26 as a means to enhance safety; reminding motorists to watch for and yield to opposing traffic when turning left.   

Carroll County Commissioners

225 N. Center Street

Westminster, MD 21157 


www. ccgovernment.carr.org

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Welcome to the first issue of the District 5 project update newsletter. With this publication, I hope to keep the citizens of Sykesville and Eldersburg informed about projects and initiatives in the area, both county and non-county driven. You will find snapshots of current activities with my focus on quality of life in our community.  I want you to know where we stand on projects and what to expect  in the future. This first issue will focus on economic development initiatives and provide basic background on the projects.

Stay tuned as future news develops.

Very Respectfully,

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Economic Development News:

  • Freedom Plan
  • Elderwood/Luers Lane Project 
  • Warfield at Historic Sykesville 
  • Freedom Readiness Center
  • Adams Paradise—Oklahoma Road
  • Eldersburg Station Project
  • Rt 26 & Rt 32 Development
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