Beyond Recycling Newsletter: February 2024

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February 2024


Dear Beyond Recycling Readers,  

Have you heard the news? Weekly recycling is returning! It’s returning the first full week of March 2024. To support a sustainable return to weekly collections, Mayor Brandon M. Scott and the Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW) implemented a three-prong strategy:  

  • Hired More Workers: DPW has added and filled 60 new positions to support the return to weekly recycling.  
  • Upgraded Fleet: Ordered 80 new load packers; 20 of these trucks have arrived.
  • Improved Routes: Reduced the number of stops per crew to 1,800 from 2,600 stops per crew. 

With the return to weekly recycling, your collection day will NOT change. The restoration of weekly recycling services just changes the frequency of your collections, moving from every other week to weekly pick-ups.

As Baltimore City gears up for the return to weekly recycling services, we’d like to remind residents of the importance of “Recycling Right. Recycling correctly isn't just an individual effort; it’s a community endeavor that brings us all closer to a cleaner, greener Baltimore. To facilitate a smooth transition to weekly recycling, lets dive into a checklist for successful recycling:  

1. Know Your Materials: Familiarize yourself with the types of materials that can be recycled by visiting Baltimore City's Recycle Right Tool. Stay informed about what goes in your recycling bin. 

2. Recycling Bin Ready: Make sure your recycling bin is in good condition with a secure lid. If you have moved and are in need of a bin, please call 311 or submit a service request online 

3. Clean and Empty: Help the recycling process by rinsing containers before recycling, ensure items are free of food residue.  

4. Flatten Cardboard: Save space in your recycling bin and assist your crews with easy sorting by breaking down and flattening cardboard boxes. 

5. No Plastic Bags: Do not place recyclables in plastic bags. Instead, deposit items directly into the bin.  

recycle right guide


Stay tuned for further announcements and if you have any questions or need assistance, reach out to us at   

Happy Reading,  

Office of Waste Diversion  

Baltimore City Department of Public Works 

Waste Diversion Highlights

Maryland Recycling Act (MRA) Reporting 

The City of Baltimore is required to provide an annual report to the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) on recycling tonnage generated within the city as part of the Maryland Recycling Act (MRA). The mandated rate of recycling for Baltimore City is 35 percent. 

The City of Baltimore requests businesses, multi-family dwellings, office buildings, and any other entity not receiving recycling collection from DPW to report their recycling activity. This participation will not only help reach the City’s 35 percent recycling goal, but it’ll help these facilities better understand its waste generation and disposal. This is the first step in improving waste reduction. 

Please take the time to fill out the Annual Business Reporting Survey form. If you know an entity that should be reporting, feel free to forward this along to them. If you have any questions of concerns, please reach out to 

Zero Waste Coalition

Do you work with a community association that wants to get involved in zero-waste initiatives? Does your organization have sustainability goals that include decreasing waste? DPW’s Office of Waste Diversion (OWD) is looking for stakeholders across sectors to collaborate with the City in identifying benefits, barriers, and priorities for zero- waste programs and services in Baltimore. The Zero Waste Coalition will support and build on the existing community-led efforts to advance Zero Waste in the City of Baltimore. If you would like to join these efforts or just stay in touch with our office, please complete this form.

zero waste coalition

Feet on the Street

GameOn! Fitness at Belmont Elementary School 

GameOn Fitness


GameOn! Fitness, an innovative program dedicated to promoting health and wellness, recently caught the attention of the Office of Waste Diversion. Members of the team had the opportunity to visit Belmont Elementary and witness firsthand how GameOn! engages students in promoting physical activity and well-being. The interactive and innovative approach of GameOn! Fitness not only aligns with their mission of promoting a healthy lifestyle but also demonstrates the positive impact such programs can have on our youth. By combining fitness with an educational setting, GameOn! is contributing to a holistic approach to student development, leaving a lasting impression on both minds and bodies. To learn more about their impactful work, check out their website at GameOn! Fitness. 

Closed Loop Tip of the Month


This month, embark on a thrift challenge by committing to one month without buying anything brand new. Explore thrift stores, consignment shops, and online secondhand platforms. You'll be amazed at the quality and variety behind each pre-loved item. By choosing secondhand, you can save money and contribute to the circular economy.

Recycling FAQ

Did you know that shredded paper doesn't belong in your curbside recycling bin? Shredded paper poses challenges during the recycling process primarily because of its small size. Instead, consider attending one of DPW's shred events, where you can securely dispose of sensitive documents, and rest easy knowing that the shredded paper will be recycled responsibly.

shredded paper

Upcoming Opportunities


St. Patrick’s Day Parade: Sunday, March 10 at 2 p.m. beginning at the Washington Monument. Parade route and information can be found here.  

American Craft Made Baltimore: March 15-17 at the Baltimore Convention Center.  



Daylight savings time begins, Sunday, March 10, 2024. Make sure to turn your clocks forward one hour  


Good Friday, March 29, 2024, is a City of Baltimore holiday. DPW offices and sanitation yards will be CLOSED. 

Trash and recycling make-up day will be Saturday, March 30, 2024.  

Tell us your thoughts!:  

For Trash Collection Inquiries: 410.396.3367 or 410.396.9950 

For Graffiti Removal or Rat Abatement: 410.396.1023  

For Household Hazardous Waste: 410.396.7250 

For Recycling Collection: 410.396.5671 

For Street Sweeping: 410.396.1300