STATEMENT: Mayor Rawlings-Blake Affirms Baltimore as a Welcoming City for Immigrants

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Thursday, November 17, 2016


Mayor Rawlings-Blake Affirms Baltimore as a Welcoming City for Immigrants

Good morning.

Baltimore’s charm and character are a product of many different cultures and immigrant groups coming together.  We pride ourselves on the strength of our collective neighborhoods.  This morning, I want to reaffirm Baltimore as a place that welcomes all people – American born and new Americans.

From the beginning of my administration, I have made it clear that a key part of our growth strategy is to encourage new Americans to come here and make Baltimore their home. That’s how Baltimore grew into an important industrial City in the twentieth century and it is one way we will grow our city again in the 21st century.  The presence of immigrants and refugees help make neighborhoods across our city stronger and more diverse and we welcome that.

In the wake of the national election, the role of Welcoming Cities like Baltimore has become even more important and vital. Welcoming Cities are cities that promote mutual respect and cooperation between immigrants and long term residents. Building inclusive and tolerant communities that reject bigotry has been a central pillar of our city and one that makes Baltimore stronger and all of us better.

Now more than ever, we need to come together as a city – One Baltimore – to make sure our communities send a strong and clear message that we all belong.  This is a city for all of us no matter where you may have originally been born.  This issue is being debated around the country right now and we must be committed to listening to one another and respecting one another.

We know this is a difficult time, but as Mayor I am committed to being there for you and doing everything I can do to ensure that all our residents -- including immigrants and refugees -- feel safe and know that they are valued and belong in our City.

Today, my Office of Immigrant and Multicultural Affairs (MIMA) released a ”Community Guide” with information and resources to guide our most vulnerable constituents through the coming weeks. In addition, efforts to coordinate immigration clinics are underway in partnership with community stakeholders.  As a Welcoming City, we will join together in a spirit of unity to build a better, safer, and stronger Baltimore that embraces new and native-born Americans alike.

Thank you.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake


Community Guide:


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