KY Business Set Annual Report Filing Records!

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Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes

Second Quarter 2017 Business Newsletter

Kentucky Businesses Set Filing Records


Kentucky businesses broke two major records set last year for the number of annual reports filed by the June 30 deadline and the number of reports filed online.

Help set other filing records for annual reports for 2017 and “Keep Kentucky Open for Business” by filing online at 

18,271       NEW businesses created in 2017

189,132   Annual reports filed -- NEW RECORD!

78%         Business filings online -- NEW RECORD! 

Businesses that missed the June 30 deadline are now listed in 'Bad Standing' and will be sent a 60-day notice to complete the filing. If you missed the deadline, file now:

File Annual Report Online

Grimes Visits Taiwan on Economic Mission


Secretary Grimes recently returned from an international trade mission to Taiwan with a delegation from the United States. She released a report with information about the status of the sister-states' economic relationship.

She was one of four secretaries of state selected to participate in the trip coordinated and funded by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO). She made a similar visit in 2013, making the trip her second in office.

Secretary Grimes met with several businesses with Kentucky ties in Taiwan, including Sunspring America, Inc., and Taihu Brewing. She also met with officials from Taiwan's Bureau of Foreign Trade, Council of Agriculture, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"This trip reinforced for me the need for a Kentucky trade office in Taiwan, which would help facilitate more business relationships that are mutually beneficial to the Commonwealth and Taiwan," she said. "It's the key to growing and reinforcing our already strong trading partnership."

During her tenure, Secretary Grimes has called on Kentucky administrations to establish a trade office in Taiwan.

Taiwan and Kentucky have been sister states since 1982 in a partnership formed by former Gov. John Y. Brown, Jr.

Nominate a Kentucky business that is committed to giving back to their communities!

Corporations for the Commonwealth


Kentucky Welcomes Public Benefit Corporations

A new law enacted this year allows Kentucky businesses to file as a Public Benefit Corporations (PBC). PBCs are for-profit corporations just like any other organized under the Kentucky Business Corporation Act, except for its stated public benefit. A public benefit, as defined by the law, means a positive effect or reduction of negative effects on one or more categories of person, entities, communities, or interests other than stockholders.

Kentucky's first filed Public Benefit Corporation is Provide Community PBC, owned and operated by Shane Hadden of Lexington. Hadden says the company will help people obtain high-quality financial services through advocacy, education and rewards. Its stated purpose is to “serve the interests of shareholders, employees, customers and members of the communities in which it operates.”

If you have questions regarding Public Benefit Corporations, please contact our business office.