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District 6 Dispatch


Louisville Metro Councilman Phillip Baker

District 6 Office

Email Councilman Phillip Baker

        502-574-1106 - Office           502-574-1551 - Fax    



Shalanna Taylor

Legislative Aide

Email Shalanna 

502-574-3910 - Office




EMERGENCY/EMS/Fire/Police: 911

Animal Control             473-7387

Community Action       574-4377

County Clerk's Office   574-5700

Health and Wellness    574-6520

LG&E                            589-1444

Louisville Water Co.     583-6610

Metro Call                             311

Metro Parks                 456-8100

MSD                             540-6000

Poison Control     (800)222-1222

Police Dept-Metro        574-7111

PVA                              574-6380

Sheriff's Office             574-5400

State Highway Repair  210-5400

Veteran's Affairs          595-4447


TARC3 Where's My Ride?         589-9879

Customer Comments            585-1234

TARC3 Paratransit Reservations                         560-0333

TARC3 Reservations TTY        213-3240

TARC3 Paratransit Cancellation Message Line                       560-0322

TARC3 Paratransit Eligibility Office                                    213-3217

Will Call Return Ride (before 4:30pm)                                  560-0333

Will Call Return Ride (after 4:30pm)                                  589-9879

TARC Customer Service          585-1234

TARC Website    www.ridetarc.org


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Changes Coming to District 6 Dispatch

  • District 6 Dispatch will be published bi-weekly
  • Publications will occur Thursdays, on Metro Council Meeting week


Hello District 6!

Moving forward we have decided to publicized the District 6 Dispatch on a bi-weekly basis, instead of its usual weekly publication. The purpose for the change is to make this newsletter a more community informative platform, and provide  more transparency into the weekly operations of the office. We will be providing more detailed information regarding appropriations, zoning cases, community meeting notices, permit applications, district projects, budget needs and other important documents that show you the inner workings of our office. We believe that providing this information will allow you to be more involved in the government processes which directly affect your community.

The District 6 Dispatch has been a great resource for advertising local events and community led activities. Please continue to send those event details/flyers to us, but we would like to shift those publications to Councilman Phillip Baker's District 6 Facebook Page. It is our hope that this page becomes a community space that invites conversation and interaction with neighbors. 

As we move forward with new leadership for District 6, some things will change, but it is our intention to make every decision with our constituents in mind. With that said -- please send us any suggestions or ideas you may have. 

Metro Council Redistricting: District 6 Boundaries


Please be advised that the Louisville Metro Council Districts have been adjusted. You may find that your area is no longer represented by the same Councilperson. Click on the image for an interactive map. 

Download Map PDF

Find your Metro Council Representative

D6 Small Business of the Month!


 We want to highlight a small business in our district, monthly. We invite you to submit a small business that you would like to be recognized as we get this effort started. 

Send your nominations to: Shalanna.Taylor@louisvilleky.gov