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February 2023 Newsletter





OSHN offers multiple avenues for civic engagement. Here we highlight our Ambassadors.



First ambassador training of the year done!

The first Ambassador training of 2023 was conducted in Spanish. About 30 individuals participated in the half-day training the St. Rita Catholic Church in Okolona.  As is standard for all trainings, participants were taught the hands-on techniques on how to stop a gun or knife bleed, on mental health issues caused by violence and on how to spot human trafficking. This was OSHN’s first all-Spanish training with more planned. According to the 2020 decennial census, approximately 35,658 counted individuals in Louisville speak Spanish. Anyone interested in working with OSHN on any Ambassador training can contact Jacob Hazel at  502-574-2901 or Reimagine@louisvilleky.gov.



Opportunities for community members to join the fight against violence in our city 


YES! Connection Event

Local youth-focused organizations are invited to attend the YES! Connection event honoring Black History Month on February 21st, from 11am to 1pm. 

Attending vendors are youth-focused and experienced in developing programs and strategies for reducing a youths’ risk of violence.

Registration is required. Email YES@louisvilleky.gov for more information, or register below to attend!




Yes event
Register Here Button

Networking Night Flyer

Networking Nights

The next Networking Nights will be a great one! The presenters are outstanding, known in the community and effective. Come listen to what they have to say and join!

- Whitney/Strong Organization is made up of gun violence survivors, owners, and advocates concerned about lives lost to gun violence. 

- Redline Performing Arts fosters community through arts justice and a community action program that produces a thriving arts culture in marginalized communities. 

- Reviving Urban Schools, or RUN, is the community basketball league and serves as a philanthropic catalyst for radical change in underserved communities.

Contact Reimagine@louisvilleky.gov for more information, or register below to attend! 

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Ambassador Violence Intervention Training/Save a Life

OSHN is teaming with the Whitney Strong Organization to provide an informative training about effective gun violence intervention. Join us to learn about the epidemic of gun violence and strategies to prevent it.  

The training will be held from 9am to 2pm on March 11, at Shawnee Baptist Church. 

Registration is required.

Contact Reimagine@louisvilleky.gov, or register below to attend!

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ReImagine Volunteer Opportunities

New Ambassador Volunteer Page

We have a new way to get connected! If you are interested in volunteering with one of OSHN’s partner organizations this February, or if you are interested in future monthly volunteer opportunities, click the link below to register or log in. Groups are welcome!

The Reimagine Network Volunteer Opportunities

Contact Reimagine@louisvilleky.gov for any questions.


YES! Youth Cabinet Lost Districts 2

The Youth Cabinet is Warming Up! - Calling Youth!

The new Youth Cabinet is meeting regularly and gearing towards being change makers. The Cabinet’s hub is in the YES! Youth Engagement Services division at OSHN.

The 26-member Cabinet is a fresh addition to Louisville Metro Government and works directly with Louisville’s Mayor and Metro Council to offer advice on policy, community building and equity.

The cabinet will work to identify and transform systems that prevent young people – throughout our city – from living healthy and happy lives. Youth are in the best position to identify the range of struggles they face and to suggest solutions.


Email YES@louisvilleky.gov or call 502-574-1903 for more information.

Please respond by March 31, 2023


Trauma Resilience

The Louisville Trauma Resilient Community Project Resilience Academy is a two-day training event being offered at no charge to participants through the SAMHSA ReCAST Grant awarded to the city of Louisville. The project's overarching goal is to enhance coordination and alignment of the city and community organizations in Trauma-Informed Care and promote healing and recovery from race-based trauma, community violence, and unrest in West and South Louisville. 
We invite you to register to participate in the Louisville TRC Project Resilience Academy. As a participant, you will receive foundational training in the Trauma Resilient Community (TRC) Model. This TRC Model training will focus on energizing, connecting, embedding, and embodying the science of trauma resilience. The TRC Model and approach uses the current research-supported trauma-resilient practices, organizational development, and implementation science to help move individuals and organizations from information to action. This process is designed to create a trauma-responsive and trauma-resilient culture for clients, staff, leaders, and the community. 
The only requirement to be considered for this opportunity is that participants must work for an organization that serves the communities of West and/or South Louisville.
Registration for TRC Model Resilience Academy is June 14th & 15th, 2023.




Law Enforcement Alone Can't Stop Violence

Cities nationally are searching for effective and sustainable methods of fighting violence. Many cities have implemented preventative measures to address violent crime before it even occurs, or are exploring new strategies of violence intervention that do not require a response from law enforcement. 

To learn more about these initiatives, continue reading here


Legal Victory for Domestic Abusers

This month, a United States federal appeals court ruled in favor of individuals who have domestic violence restraining orders owning firearms. Despite the potential safety risks, the court determined that it is unconstitutional to regulate gun control in a broad manner that could wrongfully impede on someone's second amendment right. 

To read more, click here.


New Resource for Studying Gun Violence

The Trace, a nonprofit journalist organization covering gun violence in the U.S., has created an online resource allowing anyone to explore gun-related incidents and injuries happening in their community. Using data collected by the Gun Violence Archive, every incident occurring from January 1, 2014 to December 31st, 2022 were placed on an interactive map relative to where they took place. This totaled to 330,000 shootings.

Learn more and explore the map at www.thetrace.org, or click here.


Unanswered Questions About Gun Violence Research

The solutions to addressing gun violence in our community include not just action, but a sufficient amount of research. There is still much to be learned regarding trends in gun violence, why firearm injuries occur so often, who is at risk of experiencing these incidents, and so forth. Finding these answers could escalate the fight against gun related injury and death. 

Continue reading here





Night of Remembrance


Bates Memorial Baptist Church in the Smoketown neighborhood was co-sponsored with the Ky. chapter of Moms Demand Action. OSHN-trained community ambassadors manned the event where volunteers and violence survivors lit a candle for each lift lost in 2023 to violence. The names of each of Louisville’s 160 victims were read aloud illustrating the human toll of local violence. A moment during the event was silenced in recognition of suicide victims.

Watch the Live YouTube Video Here!



Take a look at some of the latest news, resources, and events in the community. Keep your community informed by sharing these with family, friends, and neighbors


Community Crosswalks Program

Opportunity for Local Artists

The Office of Advanced Planning, with the Office of Arts & Creative Industries, is implementing the Community Crosswalks Program this April 2023. Four major crosswalks in downtown Louisville will be designed and painted by local artists in an effort to increase pedestrian safety while showcasing Louisville’s art and cultural scene.

Interested artists or teams can learn more and submit designs by clicking here.

For more information, please contact Lou Lepping at (502) 574-6776.


Racial Wealth Gap Simulation by MUW

The Metro United Way invites you to join in a safe, confidential, and engaging space to elevate the conversation around racial equity. This racial wealth gap simulation will educate participants on wealth building in America, pausing on 13 federal policies that most powerfully accelerated or impeded progress based on race. 

The simulation will be held on Tuesday, February 21, 2023 from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

To register to attend virtually via Zoom, click here.

Southwick Community Center Tutoring Available

University of Louisville Sports Medicine presents "We Got Next Mentoring" every third Saturday of the month from 10am-1pm at the Southwick Community Center. Kids from third to seventh grade are encouraged to join for FREE.

Tutoring, lunch, sports, and mentorship will be available.  Sports include baseball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, art, theater, and more.

Scan the QR code or click here to register.

For questions, contact: wegotnextmentoring@gmail.com


Tutoring available




GLP Report

Greater Louisville Project Report on Violence Prevention

Greater Louisville Project has released their comprehensive report for 2023. “This report examines historic funding and the importance of investment in violence prevention by Metro Government.” The report highlights the allocation of the American Rescue Plan fund, specifically, its impact in funding critical programs addressing affordable housing, healthy neighborhoods, public safety, workforce development and more. The report also features homicide statistics and how it impacts youth. The report also shows how future funding is necessary to address a variety of intervention and prevention initiatives.

Find the full report here: Safer City by Design


Mayor Greenberg Announces Investments to End Homelessness

To address the root causes of chronic homelessness in Louisville, Mayor Greenberg plans to invest millions to keep families in their homes and provide permanent affordable housing. The package includes $8.25 million in assistance to prevent homelessness, $24 million for the creation of affordable housing, and the construction of a new community care campus to address a major gap in the continuum of care for individuals experiencing homelessness.

Continue reading here.




Newberg fair

A Resource Fair in Newburg

A community resource fair will be held at the Newburg Middle School at 4901 Exeter Ave, on Saturday, March 11, 10 am -1pm

OSHN will have a resource table at the event. Attendees will be resourced assistance for academic planning, mental health, investment planning, job opportunities, and free haircuts for JCPS students.


OSHN’s mission is to reduce the risk of violence in all of Louisville’s communities.  If you have an event or festival that we can table and share what the city is doing to holistically reduce violence and how it affects you and our community - We Want to Come! Please just click HERE to fill out our tabling request form or go to the website at Office for Safe & Healthy Neighborhoods | LouisvilleKY.gov We’ll look forwarding to meeting you.


OSHN Tabling Event

Stay Connected Hands


There is great work happening here in the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods, and most importantly, in our community. It is our goal to keep you engaged and co-leading our important work. Our vision for Louisville is a city of safe neighborhoods where everyone is supported, free of violence, and prepared for lifelong success. We can only achieve this together, so stay connected with our monthly newsletters, social media, and visit our website for more information and additional calls to action.


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