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Riverview Independence Festival 2022

Join us 5:00pm, Saturday, July 2 for the return of Riverview Independence Festival at Riverview Park (8202 Greenwood Road). Enjoy live music, food, an expanded splash park and a firework show to light up the night! You won't want to miss the excitement!



drop off


Metro Council President David James is encouraging all Louisville men to take advantage of the free prostate cancer screenings available on Saturday, June 25, at the Republic Bank Foundation YMCA.

Other than skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer for American men with nearly 268,500 new cases diagnosed this year, according to the American Cancer Society.

Regular screenings and early detection are key to avoiding and beating prostate cancer. The five-year survival rate for prostate cancer is about 98% when it is diagnosed and treated in its earliest stage, according to the American Cancer Society.

This event will involve a free prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood test, not the digital rectal exam (DRE). Men must be at least 45 years old to participate in this screening. You can call 502-852-6318 to make an appointment, but walk-ins are also welcome.

The event, which is being hosted by the Kentucky African Americans Against Cancer and the Kentucky Cancer Program, will also include a free Father’s Day picnic and gifts for anyone participating.



ice cream

RS Farmers Market


Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Capital and Operating Budgets


After two months of hearings, public input and deliberations, Louisville Metro Council’s Budget Committee unanimously approved amendments to the proposed Louisville Metro FY 23 Capital and Operation Budgets on Tuesday, June 21. The Committee focused on making prudent fiscal decisions while amending the budgets, which will increase funding for roads and alleys, sidewalks, libraries, parks, and homeless services without any additional borrowing.

The budget amendment addresses the following needs:

  • Roads: Metro Council’s budget funds road repair at record levels, with more than $30 Million devoted to road repaving. The budget also includes the first significant investment in alley repaving in decades, with $1 Million set aside to begin implementing a new alley restoration plan. In addition to resurfacing in the proposed budget, additional money is set aside for a turn lane on Herr Lane at Westport Road, traffic lights on Aiken Road, and continuation of Brentlinger Lane. Metro-wide traffic calming efforts received a $500,000 appropriation.
  • Sidewalks: Louisville’s sidewalks will be improved, with $3 Million for sidewalk repairs spread across all Metro Council districts, including $1 Million in federal Community Project Funding. The budget also includes a $560,000 appropriation for new sidewalk construction on McCawley Road in South Central Louisville.
  • Parks: Louisville Metro parks all over the county received additional appropriations, with $1 Million for Jefferson Memorial Forest; $1 Million for Riverside, the Farnsley-Moremen Landing; $350,000 to replace the roof at the Iroquois Amphitheater; $330,000 for public infrastructure near the new Maple Street Park in West Louisville; $300,000 for continued improvements to Charlie Vettiner Park; and an additional $100,000 for Nelson Hornbeck Park.
  • Homeless Outreach: Funds were added to the budget to significantly expand Goodwill’s successful Another Way program, which offers unhoused individuals in high-traffic areas an opportunity to get off the streets for work opportunities and connection to Goodwill’s many resources, which aim to end poverty and guide individuals to self-sufficiency. Started as a pilot funded by Metro Council members in FY 21, the amended budget funds the expanded county-wide program at $1 Million. The amended budget also includes funding for homeless outreach in Downtown Louisville and $220,000 for homeless outreach in underserved areas, especially outside the Watterson Expressway.
  • Libraries: Book and e-book purchases will increase, with $200,000 in additional funding added in the amendment. American Rescue Plan funding approved earlier this month included major improvements at the Main and Portland branches, the reopening of the Parkland Library and a new library in Fern Creek.
  • Corrections: Metro Council’s amendment includes $150,000 in additional mental health resources at Louisville’s jail, in addition to the many improvements in the original proposed budget.

The amended budget maintains recommended funding for LMPD (Louisville Metro Police Department) (the General Fund budget for which is increasing by $25 Million), the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods (which is funded at record levels), Louisville Fire, Emergency Services, and other Metro agencies. Capital funding originally proposed and approved today includes, among others:  

  • Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund
  • Evolve 502 Scholarship Support
  • Dare to Care’s new distribution center
  • Waterfront Park Phase IV, extending the park to west of 10th Street
  • Louisville Zoo’s new Kentucky Trails exhibit

Additional items were included in the amendment using Council-designated funds, closing out old capital accounts for completed projects, reducing the number of proposed new positions and deferring local matches for federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law projects which have not yet developed. No additional borrowing was authorized.

The budget document requests continued work on identifying accounts to close, and encourages deferring some non-essential spending until December 2022, when the current fiscal year-end ordinance will be before Council and newer projections on revenue and expenses are available.

The FY 23 Capital and Operating Budgets will be considered by the full Metro Council on Thursday, June 23 at 6:00 pm.


Congratulations to the latest graduates of the Future Dreamers Academy, especially District 12's own Karen F.! We are so thankful for these individuals efforts to become an ambassador for South Louisville.  

Applications are now being accepted for the next cohort. Join the Future Dreamers Civic Leadership Academy! A 6-week program to elevate and connect emerging leaders in South and Southwest Louisville, presented by the Southwest Dream Team. Grow your professional and community network with others who care about South Louisville. Meet local decision-makers and step up as an ambassador to the region. Now accepting applications. For information, and to apply, visit http://swdreamteam.org/futuredreamers/ or contact Rebecca Katz at rebecca@swdreamteam.org.


Application Location: 4739 Walnut Grove Ave

Project Description: A change in zoning from R-5 to R-7 on 0.68 acres for a proposed 22 unit residential development.

Louisville Metro Council Podcast


District Download is designed to be a platform for all of Louisville’s 26 Metro Council districts. It’s a chance to connect with your council member and learn about what’s going down in your district.

This podcast promotes open, respectful discussion. Each episode will be slightly different, because council members have the chance to make it fit their unique styles. But every episode aims to educate, uplift, and encourage community engagement.

Episode 13: Councilman Blackwell and John Grantz discussing the upcoming Riverview Independence Festival. 

Hear the history of this spectacular event in Southwest Louisville and what is planned for this year!  


Let Your Voice Be Heard! 


Parks For All will collect new data, listen to new voices, share new information, and create a roadmap for equitable and transparent investment in our public parks.

The Parks Alliance of Louisville is currently gathering community feedback that will inform an action strategy for our public parks. Their goal is to ensure the parks AND neighborhoods with the greatest need are prioritized for the earliest investment.

Thank you for your support of this important work! 


The high temperatures and heat indexes we are experiencing can be challenging to people who work outdoors, athletes, the elderly, children and people who have chronic illnesses as well as people without homes. It can also be dangerous for pets. 

Since it’s summer, we’re likely to experience more days of extreme heat. The city offers cooling centers where you can get indoors and out of the heat. The Coalition for the Homeless coordinates the Operation White Flag program to ensure that individuals experiencing houselessness can find shelter during severe weather. Operation White Flag goes into effect when the temperature or heat index is 95 degrees or higher. 

Know the health risks associated with a heat wave.

Here are some tips to help you prevent health risks from excessive heat:

  • Seek air-conditioning:  If your home does not have air-conditioning, seek areas that do-such as libraries, shopping malls, community/senior centers, grocery stores and movie theatres during the warmest period of the day. If you must stay in a home without air-conditioning, stay on the lowest floor out of the sunshine.     
  • Avoid strenuous activities:  This is particularly true during the hottest time of the day. Individuals who perform strenuous work during the heat of the day are especially at risk.  Here are more safety tips for people who work outdoors.
  • Check on family members, neighbors and friends who are vulnerable.  Move them to air-conditioned places if possible.
  • Drink plenty of fluids even if you aren’t thirsty.
  • Never leave pets or people, especially children and infants, unattended in cars during a heat wave.


Please be advised that the Louisville Metro Council Districts have been adjusted. You may find that your area is no longer represented by the same councilperson. View the maps of all 26 districts to determine who your representative is. 



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