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In this Issue

Message From McCraney


Hello Neighbors and Friends,

As we say goodbye to another history-making year and prepare to usher in a new one, let us consider taking the time this holiday season to hit the reset button.

No one could have imagined that at the end of 2021, unknown and unseen viruses would still be wreaking havoc on our community and the world. Yet, here we are, looking to those in the medical field to update us on the most recent sighting of a variant and its latest victims. I don’t know about you, but I need to hit the reset button.

I am convinced that something must change – not everything – just a few things. Thanks to COVID-19, the Delta variant, and the Omicron variant, some things are entirely off-kilter. So, I will give myself permission to hit the reset button and rethink my approach to the pandemic.

Yes, I am going to hit reset and start anew in 2022. Well, there it is – my theme for the new year: Start anew in 2022! Also, on the day after Christmas, I shall start on my New Year resolutions. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, so here’s a sampling of my list:

  1. Do something that soothes my mind, body, or spirit daily. This daily routine may include reading short stories or poetry by my favorite writers, getting a pedicure or foot massage, taking time to meditate, and treating myself to an occasional latte or herbal tea.
  1. Go to bed earlier. I am a night owl, but I like to rise and shine, too. The problem is, the two don’t mix. I shall begin calling it a night immediately following the nightly news.
  1. Start journaling. I love to write (as you may have noticed). However, I haven’t journaled in several years, so it is high time that I pick up my book and special pen and get back to what helps me unwind.
  1. Rekindle my love for sewing and crafting. I haven’t sewn in years. However, I have decided that if I must wear a mask, I might as well make some that I like and that will match with my outfits.
  1. Eat better and exercise more regularly. (This is on my list every year, but this time, I’m going to do these things.) 

I invite you to join me in hitting the reset button. Instead of letting the pandemic get the best of me, I will hit reset and accept that the regimen of social distancing, wearing a mask and constantly washing my hands is my new normal. The way I shall look at the viruses moving forward is, if I can’t beat them, then I’ll join them (embrace the fact of their existence, continue following the science, but not let the viruses consume me!). After all, as the saying goes: If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten. Reset!

As I start anew in '22, I will continue building community in District 7 by hosting Muffins with McCraney and offering more tours around our city. In the meantime, I hope this holiday season is an exceptionally good and safe one and that the New Year brings you much health and happiness.

Happy Holidays!

Updates on VA Medical Center


This past week, I hosted a community forum to discuss the construction schedule for the new VA Medical Center. I provided remarks, along with Mayors Hilbrecht, Vaughan and Davis of Crossgate, Graymoor-Devondale and Windy Hills, respectively. State representatives Ken Fleming & Tina Bojanowski spoke as well. We had representatives from the VA in attendance, and a presentation from the US Army Corps of Engineers. Officials from the Public Works Traffic Division and MSD spoke to traffic and drainage concerns. I thank all of our speakers, and all of YOU who showed up!




Click to access the slideshow presented at the forum. The slideshow includes an overview of the project, the construction schedule, construction activities, FAQs and contact information.

Email Updates

If you would like to receive weekly construction updates directly from the VA, send an email to the below address saying, "I would like to subscribe for weekly updates." You can also send construction-related inquiries to: LOUVAMCconstruction@usace.army.mil.

Click here for this week's update from the VA.


The VA also hosts a webpage dedicated to this project that will be routinely updated with construction-related information. 

Kentucky Transportation (KYTC) Questions

Many in attendance asked questions regarding traffic that I forwarded to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Here are your questions and answers:

Q: “Is anything planned to mitigate traffic problems in the area, especially KY 22 and the US42-I264 intersection?"

A: Yes. KYTC provided this link overviewing a project addressing I-264 & US 42 interchange improvements. The project is still in the design phase.

Side Note: You may have noticed roadwork on 22 as well. There is a plan to widen the road, widen the bridge and install a turn lane going into the Spring Valley neighborhood. If you are driving 22 and see work crews out, it is because LG&E is moving gas lines in preparation for this project. KYTC does not have the funding for this project yet, but is hoping it will be included in the next highway plan, which will come out in the spring of 2022.

Q: "Why were traffic counts at Brownsboro/Rudy taken when schools were not in session/on a break a few years ago? Were traffic counts retaken in the last year?”

A: "Peak AM and PM counts used for the design development were taken at Rudy Lane on Tuesday, February 19, 2013. We use these counts and extrapolate out for an anticipated 20 year growth. That is used to inform our intersection design. KYTC doesn’t continuously do “re-counts” throughout the development process as the projected data is valid.

If citizens witnessed other traffic counts being recorded, it was not for the I-264/US42 interchange project."

Q: “Wexford Place in Windy Hills is a dead-end with a single entrance off Brownsboro Rd., which is difficult to turn left or right out of often in the day. How will this neighborhood get assistance when the intersection at Brownsboro/Rudy and Brownsboro/Watterson backup? Lots of elderly drivers in Wexford Place.”

A: "The I-264 Interchange/Widening project begins approximately 300 feet west of Rudy Lane, therefore no improvements are proposed for Windy Hills as part of this existing project. Upon completion, traffic will flow more efficiently through the interchange and reduce queue lengths on either side of the project. As with most construction projects, there will be traffic impacts that will occur during the reconstruction due to lane restrictions; therefore it is always best to consider alternate routes/movements that provide the safest route to the desired destination."

Q: “What can be done about putting a traffic light somewhere between I-264 & Hubbards Lane? We have had at least 3-4 fatalities in the last 2-3 years. We need something to slow the traffic down. Most of the time traffic moves at about 55-60 mph.”

A: "There are 3 signalized intersections on US 42 between I-264 and N. Hubbards Lane (as pictured below). Speed is mentioned as an issue – if that is the case, please call your local police department as KYTC has no enforcement capabilities."


Side Note: I reached out to Graymoor-Devondale Police Department, and an electronic speed display has been placed on Brownsboro Road along the stretch between I-264 & Hubbards Lane. I have also put in a request with KYTC for existing speed limit signage to be reviewed, and the area be considered for "SLOW Deer Crossing" signs. I will let you know what I find out. 

Final Thoughts

I'm very happy we have established all these lines of communication and built a partnership between the elected officials in the area and those directly overseeing the VA project. This section of the newsletter will be updated weekly, and these resources are all at your disposal. The VA has committed to monthly meetings with local elected officials to keep us in the loop on progress. I will continue working with all parties to bring you information. 


Metro Council Meeting Recap


LMPD Contract

I was a proud sponsor of the renegotiated police contract for LMPD officers and sergeants, and during the Council meeting, I, along with 20 of my colleagues, voted in favor of it. The contract includes a 15% raise for officers over the next two years. It increases the starting salary for new officers to $52,500 a year. 

The contract also strengthens police reform efforts. There will be mandatory drug testing after incidents such as a police shooting or a serious police cruiser accident. The contract also increases the time an informal complaint against an officer is kept in that officer's file from 90 days to two years.

It is important that our police salaries in Louisville allow our city to attract and retain good officers. Right now we have a police officer staffing shortage of over 200 officers. With this contract comes an opportunity for competitive recruitment, demand for accountability, and protection of all citizens' rights and integrity. This contract is a win-win for our community.

Towing Fees

After towing services for abandoned vehicles resumed (they were paused due to COVID), Louisville's impound lot became overwhelmingly full. There is a backlog of abandoned vehicles in the city, with an estimated 3,500 vehicles left on the streets. The ordinance that passed during Council meeting will allow the Public Works Director to declare a 30-day amnesty period, giving citizens a 30-day window to pick up their cars from the impound lot without paying fees. 

District 7 Streetlights

The appropriation I sponsored to provide funding for five streetlights along the frontage of 2501 Rudy Lane passed unanimously. The project will provide more lighting to residents who frequent this sidewalk. Click here for a project summary. More projects are in the works, and will be posted in the newsletter as they come together. Stay tuned!


"I am heartbroken by the news about LMPD officer Zachary Cottongim, who passed away Saturday evening. While in the line of duty, investigating an abandoned car on I-64, a pedestrian lost control of a vehicle and hit him. Please keep Officer Cottongim’s family and the LMPD family in your prayers as they navigate through this extremely difficult time during this holiday season.”



Metro Council's Winter Break


Metro Councilmembers are on winter break now - until January 6, 2022. our offices will be open during most of this time. In the District 7 office, my Legislative Assistant, Logan, will be in the office December 21-22, and half the day on December 23. (City Hall Offices will close at 1pm Thursday, December 23, 2021 to afford employees the opportunity to begin their holiday weekend.) Logan will return to the office on December 27 - 30 (City Hall Offices will close at 1pm Thursday, December 30, 2021 and are closed December 31, 2021 in observance of New Year's Day). Logan will return to the office after the holiday on January 3rd. 

The first Council meeting, considered our reorganization meeting, will take place on January 6, 2022. During this meeting, we will elect the Council President and make way for new Committee assignments to be developed.

There will not be a District 7 eNewsletter issued this week. The next issue will be distributed on December 30, 2021 (excluding "Message from McCraney"). Our normal distribution, which will include a Message from McCraney, will return on January 7, 2022.


Update on Storm Response


Last weekend, our commonwealth was hit by a powerful storm system that left widespread destruction and took over 75 of our fellow Kentuckians from us. Preliminary information now suggests that seven tornadoes touched down in Kentucky. The exact number may not be known for weeks as the NWS continues surveying. This was likely the worst storm to ever hit our commonwealth

There are thousands still without power. FEMA says that 2,000 cases of power outages cannot be restored for weeks. Click here for Governor Beshear's updates on the situation, Click here read President Biden's promise of significant federal aid to Kentucky to rebuild.

I pray for all those who were lost in this storm and  those who are mourning their loved ones. We are Kentucky strong, and in the words of Governor Beshear, "we will get through this, and we will get through this together."

Click here for a list of reputable ways you can help those affected.

Water Assistance Program


The Louisville Metro Office of Resilience and Community Services began accepting appointments for the new Low Income Household Water Assistance Program, or LIHWAP.  LIHWAP is a temporary emergency water/wastewater program intended to help low income households and families during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Similar to the longstanding LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program), LIHWAP will assist Jefferson County households within 150% of the federal poverty guidelines, but with water and wastewater benefits instead of home energy.

Individuals who require more information can contact Metro311 by simply dialing 311 or (502) 574-5000, or they can email metro.311@louisvilleky.gov.

You can also click here for more information.

Shop Local Website


To make supporting local businesses even easier this holiday season, the Louisville Independent Business Alliance (LIBA) has partnered with Community Ventures and relaunched ShopLocalLou.com, a shared ecommerce website featuring goods from Louisville independent businesses.

This website exclusively features local shops, making it easy to support Louisville businesses!

ClerkAlert to Fight Fraud


The Jefferson County Clerk's Office is providing ClerkAlert: a free sign-up notification system that will alert property holders and business leaders any time documents are recorded under their name or business name.

When property holders sign up online for ClerkAlert, they simply need to enter their name or the name of their business, and an email address to receive alerts. Once submitted, they'll then receive a notification any time documents in that name are recorded in the Jefferson County Clerk's Office, allowing them to take the next appropriate steps to either log their own records or prevent scammers from making them their next target.



At the Library

St. Matthews Library, 3940 Grandview Avenue

Stop by the St. Matthews Library to see an amazing collection of alternative film art. Posters will range from golden age movie classics to Disney masterpieces to Marvel movies and more. There will also be raffles to give away two posters.

This event will last through the new year. Click here for dates & times.

Click here for more information.

Holiday Decorating Contests


Beechwood Village

The Beechwood Village Holiday Decorating Contest is back for another year. Voting will begin Friday, December 17, and end at 6:00 pm on Monday, December 20. If you live in Beechwood Village, submit your vote here. The winners will be announced on December 21st on the Beechwood Village website, Facebook page and Nextdoor.

Woodlawn Park

Woodlawn Park will be having its Holiday Decorating Contest as well. The "Secret Santas" will be making their rounds to check holiday decorations. The categories will be "Brightest," "Most Entertaining" and "Best Overall." Winners will be poster here and the victors will receive their awards between the 21st and the 24th.

"A Christmas Carol" on the radio


The Actor's Theatre of Louisville will once again broadcast "A Christmas Carol" over the radio on 89.3 WFPL. The broadcast will be at 7:00 PM on December 22nd. Be sure to tune in!

Click here for more information.






Safety Reminder:



Metro Louisville now has an interactive map that will allow you to see what is happening in your neighborhood as well as others across the city. The map updates daily and if you choose you can receive alerts for your area by subscribing using the red receive alerts button on the page.  Click here to try it out: Interactive Map to Track Crime.

LMPD 8th Division Crime Map

No crime reported!



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