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In this Issue

Message From McCraney

On Wednesday, August 26, 2021, people around the world will celebrate the anniversary of the adoption of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution.  

The 19th Amendment, ratified in 1920, guaranteed American women the right to vote. The passage of this Amendment was an historic change in the federal law that prohibited a citizen's right to vote based on gender, and it transformed the face of the American electorate forever.

What fascinates me about Women's Equality Day is that it honors the legacy of courageous women in the early 19th century who were fed up and had had enough. These brave suffragists became agitators in their quest for the right to vote. They organized protests, demonstrations and marches; they hosted conventions, rallies, and parades. They rebelled against lawmakers, community leaders and their own husbands. These rabble rousers were strategic, and they did not let up on speaking out against gender inequality until they were granted full participation in our democracy.   

The term "activist" may not be listed on my resume, but people who know me might think the moniker "advocate" or "reformer" is most assuredly on the title page. I may not engage in raucous protests, but I most definitely bellow into a microphone as needed to champion causes that are near and dear to my heart. As your Metro Councilwoman for District 7, I have fought against nonsensical new development, an insurance premium tax increase, and traffic congestion. I have fought for better drainage, smart development, park maintenance, increased police presence and all home rule cities. When I am not fighting the good fight on behalf of residents of District 7, I am voicing my concerns and serving as a mouthpiece for persons in our community who can't speak up and out for themselves.

I am loudest and most passionate during budget season. It is in the course of approving the budget that opportunity exists to fight for change. One year I crusaded against raising taxes, and the following year I argued for more money for affordable housing. This year has been no different; I again scuffled in the budget meetings. But unlike other years of my Council membership, Louisville Metro Government, as a result of the pandemic, had more money to disburse than ever before. I argued that the budget was not bold enough, and as you know, I voted against it.

Metro Council, in partnership with the Mayor's Office and the general public, is now in process of determining how to spend $340 million of American Rescue Plan funding. I have been extremely vocal about how we should spend these funds, within the parameters mandated by the federal government. I want us to take BOLD steps and have the political will to effect transformative change in our community. I believe we should invest in building affordable homes, address the needs of the houseless population, and bolster workforce development, including raising the pay or extending a one-time bonus to the essential workers of Louisville Metro Government who continued (continue) to work throughout the pandemic. Sinking most of the ARP funding into these three areas of concern will take care of a multitude of challenges facing our community.   

It has been said that good advocacy speaks to the hearts, minds and hands by making people care about an issue, understand the facts, realize the consequences of taking no action, and know what they can do to help. 

Imagine my excitement on Friday morning when I was informed by the Mayor's Office that they were going to host a press conference within the hour to announce the purchase of land to house individuals experiencing homelessness, with future plans to build up the property as an encampment that will eventually offer wrap around services.  They were listening! My, or the advocacy of others, has not been in vain.  

Although I was not invited to the brainstorming meetings hosted by the Mayor's office to discuss our homeless problem, I find comfort in knowing that my proposal and all the times I spoke into the microphone to share my ideas about the issue, did not fall on deaf ears. My advocacy indeed spoke to the hearts, minds and hands of people who are in power to make things happen.  I was very excited about the announcement, and sent my three gentlemen colleagues who were invited to the press conference an email that read in part, "This goes to show you that a lot can get done - BOLD things, when we work together, have courage and political will, and are not concerned with getting re-elected or receiving all the credit. This, I'm confident, is a step in the right direction and a sign of great things to come for our city."

You may not call me to join you for the press conference, but you are welcome to call me reformer, advocate, or champion for change.  Happy Women's Equality Day!


Equity & Inclusion


The topic of discussion for this week's Committee on Equity & Inclusion was "The Call for Reparations: Why and Why Now?"  This meeting was designed for Councilmembers and the community to hear from subject-matter experts with differing opinions and points of view. It was a way for us to obtain a better understanding of what reparations are and what they are not, should they be paid in the form of compensation or in some other manner, and, the million dollar question, to whom should reparations be paid?  The invited speakers attempted to answer those questions.

Because the subject of reparations is such a complicated issued, a Reparations Resolution was presented to the Committee for consideration, with the sole purpose of simply asking the 117th Congress of the United States to form a Commission to study reparations. Due to time constraints, the resolution was tabled, and will be discussed at a future Committee on Equity & Inclusion meeting.  

You can watch the meeting in full here.



The Budget Committee members discussed a resolution establishing priority categories for $340 million in ARP funds. 

The priority areas are:

1) Homelessness and Affordable Housing

2) Workforce Development

3) Healthy Louisville/Healthy Neighborhoods

4) Public Safety

5) Premium Pay

6) Public Health Contingencies

7) Eligible Infrastructure

There was concern among the committee members that the priorities may possibly be too broad. It was reiterated that each of these priorities will not necessarily receive the same amount of funding, and that the priority areas must inspire "bold" solutions. 

During the meeting, Councilwoman McCraney addressed Committee members and said, "Colleagues, this is a one-time opportunity, and we must have the political will to do what is transformative for this community. Doling out money as we have always been accustomed to in a budget process is not what this is." She concluded by saying, "I stand with you, I plead with you, and I will be working with you to make the bold and transformative decisions that will be best for this community and that will last a lifetime."

The resolution passed and will now be sent to the full Metro Council for consideration.

Watch the full meeting here.

Parks & Sustainability


The Parks & Sustainability Committee discussed renaming the HerpAquarium at the Louisville Zoo to the "John Walczak HerpAquarium", named after the current director of the zoo, who is retiring in September. The resolution passed unanimously and will be sent to full Metro Council. 

The main item of discussion at the meeting was the scenic loop at Cherokee Park.  The loop was completely closed by Mayor Fischer to vehicles during the early stages of COVID to allow for social distancing. The route has since been partially re-opened. As of now, vehicles still have access to Hogan's Fountain and the rugby fields. 


To better inform Council members on public opinion surrounding this issue, a research firm, IQS, polled the public. The results of the survey show this is still a divisive issue. For people who aren't frequent visitors of Cherokee Park, results show residents have a preference for fully lifting the vehicle traffic restrictions. For those considered "power users" of the scenic loop, or people who frequent the park and loop regularly, their preferences leaned toward keeping the restrictions in place. 

A Special Committee meeting on this topic is scheduled for August 24th to continue the conversation on the scenic loop.

Watch the full meeting here.

Public Safety


The Public Safety Committee meeting this week provided an update on the ongoing search for the Inspector General of the Civilian Review and Accountability Board. There are 8 finalists to be considered for the position, and interviews will begin next Friday. 

The chairwoman of the civilian review board, Ms. Jennifer Green, reported that board members have been participating in ride-alongs with LMPD officers and other required training. They have also been working with the Jefferson County Attorney's Office to write board bylaws and procedures.  

During the Public Safety Committee meeting, two Louisville Metro Government staff members reported on the Group Violence Intervention Program. As violent crime has spiked in our city, the staff members discussed their efforts to offer individuals who are at risk to partake in group violence resources and an alternative lifestyle. The program also helps families of victims of gun violence by giving them social, monetary, and logistical support. 

Watch the full meeting here.

Update on VA Hospital


Walsh-Turner Joint Venture II will oversee construction of the coming VA hospital on Brownsboro Road. This is the latest update on the project. As I learn more information, I will share it in the newsletter.

Click here for more information.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!


The Louisville Bats are hosting Louisville Metro Council Community Nights for 2021.  Our office has a limited number of FREE Louisville Bats vouchers for the September 1st & 8th baseball games for individuals and non-profit groups who would not be able to afford a Bats game under regular circumstances. The vouchers can be exchanged at Slugger Field before the game for 1 free admission ticket, a free hotdog, and a free small soft drink!

Both games begin at 6:30 pm. Eligible groups include mentoring organizations, social service agencies, underprivileged kids groups, and many more. 

To request tickets in advance, organizations should contact Amanda Barr at abarr@batsbaseball.com and include your name, which game date you prefer, the number of seats you are requesting, and your Metro Council District.

Councilwoman McCraney is excited to present these to non-profit groups and individuals for good family fun!

Notice of Public Meetings


MEETING DATE: August 30, 2021




For basic details of this case, please click here.

For specific case information, please call or email the listed case manager, Jon Crumbie, at jon.cumbie@louisvilleky.gov

If you have any questions, please contact Planning & Design directly at 574-6230. 

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MEETING DATE: August 30, 2021




For basic details of this case, please click here.

For specific case information, please call or email the listed case manager, Jon Crumbie, at jon.cumbie@louisvilleky.gov

If you have any questions, please contact Planning & Design directly at 574-6230. 

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City of Westwood Yard Sale


The City of Westwood community yard sale will be held on Saturday, September 11.

St. Matthews Library Family Storytime


Family Storytime is an opportunity for families to bond over shared stories and songs, as well as engaging in creative activities that reinforce a lifelong love of learning. Ages 3-8 and their families.

Storytime is every Wednesday & Thursday from 10:15-11:15 am.

Click here for more information.

KY Tenants Training Series


In collaboration with tenant-led organizations across the state, KY Tenants has launched a Fall/Winter 2021 Tenants Organizing Training Series. Topics include tenants' rights in Kentucky, what a better housing system could look like, how to research your landlord, and more. Trainings will be hosted in various locations across Kentucky with options to call or Zoom in. 

The next event, titled Profits Over People: Understanding the Current Housing System will take place on Saturday, August 21 from 2-3:30pm.  See a schedule of events and register for the upcoming training below.

Click here for more information.

Frankfort Avenue Construction

Louisville Water has begun a one-year project near the Crescent Hill Water Treatment Plant and there are major traffic changes in the area. Frankfort Avenue westbound lanes are closed between Stilz and Reservoir Avenues. One Frankfort Avenue eastbound lane remains open. Later work in the year-long project will occur on Stilz Avenue and closer to Reservoir Avenue. The official marked detour for this highway is shown below but we all understand that most traffic will not use that detour and find other ways to get around the area. It’s very important that people drive very carefully on streets they are unfamiliar with and which are seeing increased traffic. 


The project is replacing one of the company’s oldest water mains and installing additional pipes to deliver more drinking water and increase the size and reliability of critical mains near the treatment plant.

While this construction is certainly frustrating, remember that Louisville tap water is considered to be some of the cleanest and best in the entire country. Yes, this is an inconvenience, but it is necessary to deliver our water to more people!

Keep up with the project at https://louisvillewater.com/frankfort-project, which will be updated regularly.

Special Community Announcement


Water Quality Month


August is National Water Quality month. Did you know that Louisville is regularly ranked as having some of the cleanest  tap water in the country? Hats off to the Louisville Water Company! Because of them, we have greatness on tap.


St. Matthews Movie Series


Movies in the Park is an all new Community Program for 2021! All movies are FREE and will be shown at St. Matthews Community Park (310 Ten Pin Lane) in Trinity Stadium. Movies are shown on select Fridays of each month (August – October), and all movies begin at sundown. Be sure to bring a blanket or your favorite stadium seat cushion as all seating will be on the bleachers at Trinity Stadium. No alcohol or smoking is allowed. Concessions will be sold (cash) on site.

For a movie schedule click here.

Kentucky State Fair


The Kentucky State Fair is back, starting on August 19th and going through the 29th. The state fair is located at the Kentucky Exposition Center, 937 Phillips Lane. Gates open at 7 am each day.

Exhibit hall hours:

  • Monday-Thursday: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Friday-Saturday: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Sunday, Aug. 22: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Sunday, Aug. 29: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Attractions include:

  • 75+ unique daily activities
  • Up to 335 Vendors offering a variety of food and items unique to the fair.
    • 275 vendors
    • 60 food vendors
  • 24 performance locations with shows throughout the day
  • 45 unique bands with performances within tents, our lobbies and at the Texas Roadhouse Concert Series
  • 21,000+ entries highlighting the best of Kentucky in agriculture and general
    • 13,889 entries in general
    • The fair had 7,398 entries in Livestock. This includes poultry, pigeons and rabbits.
  • $15.3 million dollars in estimated economic impact to Kentucky (based on 2019 in direct and indirect spending)

COVID-19 Precautions

All visitors will be required to wear masks when indoors at the fair, but not when outdoors. There will be 89 hand sanitizer stations around the fairgrounds for the event. Free vaccines will be available at the fair.


Click here for more information on the fair.

Sunset Music Series


Visit Blackacre for the 2nd annual Sunset Music Series featuring country, classical, bluegrass and jug music. It's a fun event for everyone! Spread out on our shaded lawn with your chairs. Suggested donation $10 a carload. Presented by Mory and Colliersmith, PLLC.

Featured Artists

Gracie Yates is a young country singer/songwriter from Central Kentucky and has become a popular fixture of the regional music scene. Her original song, "Boys Like You" has been played world-wide and picked up by CMT.

Quintrilogy is a classical trio returning for a second year. They will be covering a wide range of musical genres from folk to rock to light classical and more! Perfect for all ages.

Bourbon Revival performs a mashup of traditional Bluegrass music with a mix of Country, Pop and Rock. You will hear songs from many of your favorite artists from the 70s to the present. These include Bob Seger, Fleetwood Mac, Cheap Trick, Rolling Stones, Keith Urban, Mumford & Sons and Walk the Moon. They are a true crowd-pleasing group. Bring your friends and family!

The Juggernauts Jug Band will introduce you to music that originated here in Louisville. They play an assortment of wildly interesting instruments including a jug, washboard, kazoo, and more. You might even have the opportunity to play along with the band. You don't want to miss out!


Click here for more information.

Michael Bublé in Concert


Michael Bublé will be returning the KFC Yum! Center on Saturday, September 11, 2021. Don't miss your chance to enjoy a great night out! Tickets purchased for the original concert date of March 28, 2020, and March 17, 2021, will be honored. 

Ticket information here.

Back to Brew at the Zoo


We’re getting back to Brew after a year off and could not be more excited! This year’s event will look slightly different as we remain mindful of evolving COVID-19 guidelines. Back to Brew will be a limited capacity event on August 28 from 5-9:30. Enjoy tastings from craft breweries and wineries, accompanied by local restaurant samples and live music.

Click here for more information.


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