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markus winkler - louisville metro council - district 17

June 26, 2020

FY21 Budget Passed

The Metro Council approved the FY21 Capital and Operating budgets at last night's Council meeting. Though the revenue situation continues to present challenges, we were able to address issues important to many of you:

Police - The budget fully funds the LMPD. It does redirect close to $3 million in state and federal funds to diversity recruitment efforts, law enforcement training (including use of force, implicit bias, and de-escalation), and an exploration of co-responder models pairing behavioral health specialists with police to address mental health, drug, and homeless issues. Money was also provided to support the operation of a civilian oversight system.

Roads/Sidewalks - The amended budget adds $14.3 million to address paving needs, almost $400,000 of which is designated for all or a portion of the following District 17 roads:

Bay Pointe Court
Bay Pointe Drive
Chamberlain Court
Colonial Springs Road
Eagles Cove Drive
Goshawk Court
Hickory Cove Court
Sample Court
Sample Way
Sapling Spring Place
Squire Springs Court

Public Works also received funding to assess all metro-maintained roads and present a long-term paving plan to the Metro Council by April of next year. Almost $60,000 worth of District 17 sidewalk repairs, currently scheduled to be done this fall, are paid for in this budget. Finally, four mowing cycles on both state and metro roads and two street sweepings in suburban areas are funded.

Middletown Library - $500,000 is provided to equip a relocated Middletown Library which will reopen no later than December 31, 2020 with standard branch hours. 

Energy Manager - Funds are set aside to employ an Energy Manager to work on clean and renewable energy options for Louisville Metro facilities.   

Over the last couple of months, many of you also expressed a desire to see more resources devoted to disadvantaged neighborhoods. While we have more to do, I believe we took some important steps:

Housing - Half of the $10 million appropriated to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund is dedicated to providing opportunities for the purchase of vacant and abandoned properties. Budget language adds incentives for contractors to offer employment and training to residents of the areas in which these projects are located. In addition, $1 million is allocated to a new homeowner/rental repair loan fund to assist residents with financing improvements.

Food Security - $3.5 million is set aside to support the development of a grocery in an area underserved by existing operations, promoting job creation and community health.

Eviction Prevention - Up to $21.2 million, supported by the federal CARES Act, will help with rental assistance for those at risk of eviction due to coronavirus-related financial issues. This is intended for those at or below 60% of area median income.

Small Business Assistance - $21.2 million of CARES Act funds are earmarked for up to six months of grant assistance to eligible small businesses to prevent closures due to the coronavirus. At least 50% of these funds will be spent in low- or moderate-income census tracts. For more information, click here.

Neighborhood Revitalization - Funding is in place to hire two new code enforcement officers to work with Develop Louisville in revitalizing targeted areas. In addition, more than $413,000 is set aside to staff an alley crew maintenance team to focus on cleaning areas with the greatest amount of illegal dumping and/or areas where trash collection is difficult. 

To review the amended budget documents in greater detail, click the link to "Archived & Upcoming Metro Council Meetings and Committees" available here. As revenue allows, there is potential for additional investments by mid-year. I welcome your thoughts and suggestions and look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months.

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June 25 Council Meeting

The two budget ordinances weren't the only pieces of legislation on last night's agenda. Other issues considered are below:

Boards/Commissions - Appointments were made to multiple fire district boards, including Anchorage Middletown. The Bardstown Road Overlay District Board, the Affordable Housing Trust Fund Board, the Ethics Commission, the Louisville Regional Airport Authority, the Air Pollution Control District Board, the Urban Renewal Commission, the Extension Board, and the TARC Board also received appointments. Obviously, there are a variety of interests represented for those wanting to serve on one of the many Metro boards and commissions. I would love to see more District 17 residents apply. If you are interested, please visit the Boards and Commissions web page.

Planning Commission Reviews - Four resolutions were passed requesting the Planning Commission to review the Land Development Code and make recommendations with regard to heavy truck parking, development on steep slopes, rear-yard drainage easements, and private roads, respectively. 

Accessible Parking - The Council passed an ordinance expanding and enhancing protections and accommodations regarding accessible parking.  

Healthy at Work Reopenings

Healthy at Work is Kentucky's phased approach to reopening our economy. Several changes were made in the last week regarding retail establishments, restaurants, nail salons, event spaces, and more. For further information, please visit the Healthy at Work website.

Lifeguard Training


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