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Message from McCraney

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

First, I want to again express how deeply saddened I am by the death of Breonna Taylor. Her family is hurting and her friends and many community residents are hurting, too. It is my understanding that protests in her honor were organized by young people through social media, and they encouraged a peaceful gathering.  Unfortunately, violence and destruction of property ensued.  I denounce that behavior. Violence and the destruction of property or any other form of unlawful behavior is abhorrent and should not be tolerated. 

I am calling for peace. I am calling for humanity. I am calling for tolerance. I am calling for kind-heartedness. I am calling for mercy. I call for these actions as I call for justice once and for all throughout our nation.

Second, as you may have heard, Mayor Fischer announced a 33-member Civilian Review Board Work Group to study various review board models throughout the U.S. The charge is to identify or create documentation that can be turned into legislation by the Metro Council. This legislation would increase civilian oversight and authority of the current Citizens Commission on Police Accountability Board and hold police accountable for misconduct. I was asked to co-chair this work group, and I am honored to do so. I am co-chairing alongside Deputy Mayor Ellen Hesen. The work ahead is important, and it is our intent to walk away from this task with a plan of action that is best for our community and restores the confidence in the actions of the brave men and women who are hired to protect and serve us.

Enjoy the outdoors, stay safe and distanced and be kind to yourself this weekend.


Most of you should have received a copy of the print newsletter for District 7. It is the first print copy I've issued since being on board with you. But, it's not the last. My goal is to issue at least one printed newsletter per year.  

If you did not receive your copy, you will. We encountered a database problem and only half of District 7 addresses were sent to the printer. Today, this issue was resolved and those of you who have not received your copy should get it by next Thursday.

In the newsletter is a contest.  The contest is to increase the readership of the e-Newsletter.  A nice prize is up for grabs, so please be sure to follow the contest guidelines and look forward to the prize drawing on June 12.

NOTE:  If you send me your neighbors' e-mail and other information to sign them up for the e-Newsletter, you must get their permission first. We want to make sure we aren't making a bad assumption that everyone wants to receive our e-Newsletter ---- although in my mind, everyone should want to!

In the newsletter that some of you received, the drawing was to take place today. But, due to the database glitch, it's only fair to allow your fellow neighbors to receive the information and get a chance to register for the prize. Again, the new date for announcement of a prize winner is June 12.

If you are already a subscriber of the District 7 e-Newsletter (and obviously you are, because you're reading this message), your name is already in the hat and you don't have to do anything else to be eligible for the prize drawing.

Please accept my apology for the change in date, but the prize is so nice, it's worth the wait.  :-)

Louisville Metro Update

Metro Council

May 29, 2020



The Louisville Metro Council releases statement concerning last night protests and violence surrounding the death of Breonna Taylor

The Metro Council is shocked and saddened by the killing of Breonna Taylor.  We share the community’s despair and frustration, and we are listening and taking action.  Last night we unanimously demanded the administration release the 911 tapes. That has happened.  We have proposed legislation limiting no-knock warrants. That will be filed at the next Metro Council meeting.  We are creating civilian oversight to add a layer of integrity to future investigations, and we welcome the forthcoming change of leadership at LMPD. We support peaceful protests and First Amendment rights.

Last night's peaceful protests carrying the positive messages of change, transparency, accountability, oversight and equality were sadly overshadowed by the nonsensical destruction and shootings of seven more Louisvillians. The message was kidnapped by the actions of some who chose to voice those concerns through violence. We do not condone violence of any kind.  One person’s right to speak, assemble and carry a gun, ends where another human being’s life and safety are at risk.  Destruction does not lead to progress. Our prayers are with the people who were injured. We must continue to press for justice and fairness through leadership and compassion.  As we move toward justice for Breonna, let us work to be part of the solution and needed change.  Breonna lived to save lives, so surely, she would not want further violence to be associated with our call for justice.

The best way to effect change is to work together as neighbors from all areas of our city, so that everyone can lead healthy, decent, hopeful lives.


Team Kentucky Coronavirus Updates

Team KY

Kentucky Chamber: 3-Ply Disposable Mask Order Form

  • Mask type: Three-ply, disposable mask.
  • Quantities: Sold in multiples of 50 per box.
  • Price: $49.50 per box of 50 + shipping and tax.
  • Shipment timeline: Once your order is received, you can expect your order to ship via UPS within three to five business days.

If your company is tax-exempt use the following link to place your order and include your tax exempt # below: 

Orders for hand sanitizer are being processed at below:

For the Lastest COVID-19 Updates:

Gov Updates

community news

Compost Bin & Rain Barrel Sale

compost bin

The Metro Solid Waste office is pleased to announce a one-day only compost bin and rain barrel truckload sale on Saturday, June 13! The online store offers several types of compost bins, kits, accessories, and rain barrels. Shop online and pick up your items at 1030 Phillips Lane, across from the Kentucky Exposition Center on Saturday, June 13, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. (Staff will wear personal protective equipment and will stay at least 6 feet away from citizens. Staff may be able to safely place your order inside your vehicle or, if not, they can leave it for you to put in.)

Watch a 10-minute presentation by Public Education Supervisor, Karen Maynard, about backyard composting given during the Louisville Sustainability Council's Green Convene. 

Camp Fun at the Science Center

science center

Kentucky Science Center School’s Out Science Camp will begin the week of June 15!   This summer's KSC School's Out Summer Camp will provide the transition our campers need. From stay at home, 2D, online interactions to in-person, friends laughing together, building friendships while doing all things Science. Camp provides a familiar, safe place to take those first steps into the new normal. 

We aim to provide the safest camp possible for our campers and staff. The science is still there, just with a little more space between the bowls of slime. We are exploring new ways to communicate with and include our campers in the conversation. Navigating these uncertain times can be scary and overwhelming. Camp can lay a course toward building resilience and hope that will set root and grown with our campers throughout their lives.   

We anticipate some camp families will be more comfortable with waiting until later in the summer to join us for these families we can transfer earlier registrations to later in the summer. We will be offering a risk-free refund for families make their attendance decision up to one week prior to camp start date.   This summer's camp may look different, but we will be there for our campers, their families, our staff and the community! For more information about this summer's camp experience, please visit kysciencecenter.org.

Waste Reduction Center Now Back Open


After some much-needed maintenance, the Waste Reduction Center at 636 Meriwether Avenue will reopen on Tuesday, June 2. This is a popular disposal site for tree limbs, large household items, construction debris, and more. Though fees may apply for some things, residents can dispose of up to four tires, three electronic items, and three large household items for free! This facility is open Tuesday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. For more information, visit the Waste Reduction Center web site.


JCPS Meal and Summer Programs

JCPS will be providing their summer feeding program, so meal services will continue to be open throughout the summer on the same Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, with additional mobile sites starting Monday, June 1.  Check out the video of this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZr3s8fUrXc&feature=youtu.be.

For a list of sites and times, click here.

Also: Now that school is out for summer break, JCPS is offering multiple summer learning opportunities to continue engaging and supporting students. The programs are being held as virtual experiences, although the district will make every effort to host face-to-face learning late in the summer if circumstances change.

• Summer League, June 22-July 31, is open to students in grades 1-12 and is designed with the appeal of video game-based learning in mind.

• Lit & Camps, beginning mid-June, are designed for third-, fourth- and fifth-graders, offering campers the opportunity to learn about chess, yoga, karate, hip hop and fencing.

• AMPED, beginning mid-June, is designed for students in grade 6 and up and will teach students how to download and install audio production and editing software and how to make, edit and publish beats.

To learn more about the programs, go to the JCPS website. They'll be posting updates and ways to access the experiences on this site.


Wearing Masks Correctly


Wearing a Mask is Still Highly Recommended

All Kentuckians are recommended to wear masks in public. Police will not enforce or write tickets, however businesses are encouraged to reject service to citizens refusing to participate.

For more information about how to wear masks correctly and how to make your own, click on the link below:    https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/diy-cloth-face-coverings.html

Child Care Programs Can Open in June

Day care

Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) Secretary Eric Friedlander announced that on June 8, in-home child care programs can open. On June 15, center-based licensed child care programs can reopen to all families.

The maximum group size will be 10 children per group. Children will remain in the same groups all day and staff will be assigned to the same children each day to reduce exposure. All adults must wear a face mask while in any child care program (in-home or center-based). Children 5 or younger should not wear masks, but older children may wear masks as they are able.

Programs should stagger playground time, eliminate center-wide family events, eliminate field trips and use centralized drop-off/pick-up locations to eliminate unnecessary traffic to classrooms and reduce exposure.

Secretary Friedlander also highlighted support for providers. All programs – in-home and center-based – will receive additional funding for cleaning and PPE supplies. Continued assistance will be available from state personnel and resources.

Coronavirus by the Numbers

Current as of May 29, 2020 at 5 p.m. Eastern time

Kentucky Coronavirus Monitoring Number Tested: 227,944 (PCR: 208,034 - Serology: 19,910)* Positive: 9,464 (Probable: 161 - Lab Confirmed: 9,303

Deaths: 418 (Probable: 1 - Lab Confirmed: 417)

Recovered: 3,231

*PCR is test for COVID, Serology is antibodies test

As of 4:00pm EST today, we have confirmed 2,550 cases, 161 deaths and 1,643 recovered (from yesterday’s 2,485 cases, 159 deaths and 1,601 recovered) in Jefferson County.                                                          

Reminder all of the Mayor’s press briefings can be found here: https://louisvilleky.gov/government/louisville-covid-19-resource-center#news.

Upcoming Tele-Townhall and Press Briefings

Saturday, May 30th --- 10:00 a.m. Tele-town hall (w/Dr. Klein)

You can watch the town hall discussion and all press briefings on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/MayorGregFischer/ and MetroTV: http://louisville.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?publish_id=2.

Press Release from the Governor’s Office

Gov. Beshear Provides Update on Fight Against COVID-19


Calendar of Events

Virtual Shakespeare in the Park

Shakespeare 2020 schedule

Lift Up Lou

Liftt Lou

From LiftUpLou: Something good always seems to come from something bad! So here it is - LiftUpLou's list of things to do & things to accomplish during our COVID-19 social distancing. Learn more...

  • Follow them on social media for daily updates, community-wide tips & programming.

Go Green Mayor Greg Fischer is encouraging everyone in Louisville to spread unity during the COVID-19 outbreak by joining in on the "Go Green" campaign, decorating their homes and businesses with green lights. Green is the color of compassion. By sharing in this, we are letting those we know and care about that know we're in this together and thinking of them.

Post your "Go Green" photos with these hashtags: #BetterTogetherByStayingApart #HealthyAtHome #LiftUpLou #TeamKentucky


Louisville will celebrate the city's Official Cocktail June 1 – 14 with the fifth annual installment of Old Fashioned Fortnight. Much like the virtual Mint Julep Month campaign in April, the activities will center around social media across all @Gotolouisville channels. It will culminate in the World's Largest Bourbon Toast on June 14. Details about participating to come. 


Louisville Metro Crime Trends

For the week of Sunday May 17th to Saturday May 23rd

Theft from Automobile - There were a total of eight thefts from autos, which was a decrease from the previous week (11). Six were by force and two were by unknown means. Please remember to lock your vehicles and take your valuables out of your car. See attached maps for more detail.

Auto Theft - There were three reported auto thefts for the week which was a decrease from the previous week (7). Keys were used in all three thefts. One of the thefts is an Unauthorized Use. See attached maps for more detail.

Burglary - There was one reported burglary this reporting period which was a decrease from the previous week (5). The one was a residential burglary. Entry was made by unknown means.  

Robberies - None reported for the reporting period.

Funny (Coronavirus-Related) Pictures







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Answers to Wuzzle from Print Newsletter


Okay, here's the deal.  I promised to put the answers to this Wuzzle (puzzle) in this week's e-Newsletter.  But, because not everyone has received the print newsletter, the answers will be revealed in the June 12th edition.  This gives everyone an opportunity to have more time to discover the answers.  Plus, half of you just received the print newsletter and haven't had time to work with it.  Sooooo, stay tuned for answers right here on June 12!

metro council

NOTICE: All Metro Council meetings are carried live on Metro TV, Spectrum Cable Channel 184 and  U-verse Channel 99.

The meetings are also available online at the Metro Council home page at http://louisvilleky.gov/government/metro-council/metro-council-clerk. Click on the“Watch Meetings Online” button.  

OR access prior or current meetings here:


Agendas for these meetings can be viewed using the following link: